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Operations Dashboard | PowerSuite™

PowerSuite’s Operations Dashboard provides you the ability to properly prioritize systemic issues, which are causing poor call quality across your organization, based on prescriptive guidance.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite Operations Dashboard solution. The operations dashboard functions as a next gen IT prioritization guide for your Skype for Business or Teams deployment. Starting at the service health dashboard, we are able to see a geographical layout of your sites. In this example, let’s say we’ve heard from some Chicago users they’ve been experiencing bad calls. By clicking on Chicago, I can drill down to see the total poor call percentage, followed by an icon that shows that the site is over the audio quality threshold, and that a high number of calls, have had poor audio quality. By clicking on the site card, I am taken to the operations dashboard.
Here you can see PowerSuite has automatically selected the site category for us. Below the selectors is a privatized list of data. Chicago is at the top of the list, with over 23% of its calls there having poor voice quality. By clicking on the magnifying glass, I can drill into the specifics. We see that we have one subnet., that contains 40% of all poor call quality calls. As an analyst or engineer, this information should be a good starting point for discussions with the network team.
Second example, shows how to remediate wireless issues. In the left column, there are multiple call scenarios that could be chosen – such as, server to server, wired internal, etc. Let’s select wireless internal to server. Next, we’ll change the category from site, which we used earlier, to BSSID. The BSSID is the wireless access point that was used during the call. Now, we have a prioritized list of all BSSID’s where we can take action. To focus on only the worst BSSID offender, I click on the magnifying to see all the information that belongs to the BSSID, including the subnet for this BSSID, as well as the site. In this case, Austin, TX, where the BSSID resides. I can look down this list and see a couple of the users who have made the most calls on this BSSID, such as Barbara and Anabelle. These investigation items allow me to take a focused plan of action back to the network team, or to reach out to these specific individuals to gather more information about their wireless experience.

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