Measuring User Satisfaction on Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

Written by: Unify Square


Poor User Satisfaction? No Problem! 

One of the #1 IT issues involving poor UC user experience revolves around poor user satisfaction. Users who simply “give up” on UC and find alternative ways to conference or talk, rather than contacting the help desk to try to resolve the issue can cause a rift in your UC deployment.  Unhappy users create UC transformation roadblocks, lowering your expected ROI, and slowing employee productivity.

The PowerSuite User Satisfaction solution uses Skype for Business instant messaging to contact your users with a survey asking them to rate their satisfaction with their Skype for Business or Teams experience. The satisfaction rating becomes one of the 3 core Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that PowerSuite then utilizes to measure overall Skype for Business or Teams performance. The option to provide more detailed feedback allows the IT team to obtain even more depth feedback which can lead to quicker and more in depth troubleshooting.

PowerSuiteTM User Satisfaction Solution

PowerSuite’s User Satisfaction solution utilizes a Net Satisfaction scoring system to calibrate user sat, track satisfaction versus IT goals, and benchmark user sat versus other organizations.

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This PowerSuite solution goes beyond the native Skype for Business Rate-My-Call feature to achieve an average survey response rate of over 50%. This survey also utilizes the Skype for Business and Teams presence information to calculate the ideal time to send the survey based on user usage. The simple IM-based surveys allow IT to make informed improvements that encourage usage and investments.

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