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The Growing Unify Square Partner Ecosystem

“No man is an island….”  And, in the ever growing unified communications and collaboration ecosystem, the actual words that describe the category (‘unified’ and ‘collaboration’) also directly infer that a successful company in this space requires a strong partner model.  Unify Square employs a four-pronged partnership model which brings equal impact and benefit to our customers, our partners and to Unify Square.

Four-Pronged Partner Model: 

  • Strategic Alliance Partner: This is a select group of partners who enjoy a special bilateral relationship.  Arkadin, AT&T, British Telecom, Jabra and, of course, Microsoft all work with Unify Square in more than a single area or function to drive value to our mutual customers.  The nature of the partnerships vary from strategic software development, to strategic channel development, to deep reselling agreements, to unique go-to-market relationships.  In all cases, the partnerships have had multiple years of either gestation and/or in-market proofing.  Also, in all cases, the nature of the partnership and/or the end customers serviced by the partnership, is global.  This category is purposefully categorized not just as a partnership, but as an alliance — a mutual focus on exponentially expanding the reach and impact of both companies based on the output of the work product.
  • Re-seller or Referral Partner: Although Unify Square employs a global and experienced direct sales force, the ability to service our current and potential future customer base is amplified by adding a number of diverse re-seller and referral partners.  The large majority of these partners are large telcos, such as Telstra, or British Telecom, or T-Systems who leverage our technology as a key part of an overall UC offering.  The category also includes much smaller, but just as strategic partners as who offer years of expertise and experience in the UC endpoint device and room system category and assists with putting the finishing touches on any UC roll-out.

  • Technology & Solution Partner: There are many little nuances involved with creating the ‘perfect’ UC system.  Everything from the system itself (Microsoft), to the ability to monitor and enhance the Skype Broadcast experience (Kollective), to even the smart-hands in the local conference room who can assist with PBX to Skype for Business voice transformations, various server room wiring issues or room system configuration issues (ITEC).  Just as PowerSuite is the occasionally forgotten or overlooked hero of Skype for Business monitoring success, so too are these partners key in building out the perfect UC system.
  • Hardware Partner: Last, but not least, there is the hardware partners — SBCs, IP Phone providers, and UC headset providers.  As much as the cloud and AI have focused everyone’s attention towards the power of software technology, the reality is that within UC, hardware continues to play a major role.  On the software side in particular, PowerSuite has been engineered to integrate with, interpret the data output from and provide troubleshooting feedback for the hardware products of all of our key partners —- from Audiocodes, to Polycom, to Yealink and beyond.

So what’s next?  Are we missing a key partner in our ecosystem — if you are a partner OR if you’re a customer and work with a key vendor which we should be thinking more aggressively about — please let us know.  There are a host of additional partners with whom we are already working closely with, but which haven’t yet “graduated” to a listing on our partner page.  Stay tuned as the Unify Square partner listing grows over time.

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