Powerful Microsoft Teams Collaboration Analytics in a Single Pane of Glass

Written by: Unify Square


PowerSuite for Microsoft Teams Collaboration Analytics

Many forward-thinking companies have started to pilot and/or roll out Microsoft Teams in conjunction with Skype for Business. This action, in turn, has catalyzed the need to view both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams collaboration analytics in a single pane of glass. An effective UCC deployment involves more than a spotless roll-out and impeccable architecture. Constant performance modeling and usage adoption monitoring is critical for business success.

The ability to achieve in-depth tracking and analysis of these Skype for Business (and now also Microsoft Teams) performance and adoption statistics is only possible with independent tools. According to key industry analysts, using 3rd party performance management solutions result in strong cost reductions – impacting the overall UC ROI story. As forward-looking companies begin to embrace both Microsoft Teams (and continue to rely on Skype for Business), continuous monitoring and troubleshooting is required.

PowerSuite’s latest enhancements, integrating with Microsoft Teams, now allows for a seamless, single pane of glass view for both of the Microsoft Intelligent Communications platforms.

Performance Reporting for Hybrid UC

PowerSuite’s first installment of many upcoming expansions for Microsoft Teams includes enhancements to the Executive Dashboard, Usage & Adoption Dashboard, and Help Desk solutions.

“These new releases for PowerSuite have put Unify Square at the bleeding edge of the unified communications ecosystem, particularly with Microsoft Teams-centric software solutions,” said John Case, CEO of Unify Square. “This is just the beginning of our long-term strategy to continue to help improve the end-user experience for meetings, chats, and calls.”

Microsoft Teams Collaboration Analytics

The new Microsoft Teams collaboration analytics features in the Executive Dashboard (Powersuite’s ROI and adoption visualization solution) include insights on Teams’ active users, calls, meetings, and number of enabled users. IT teams can also find a drill down on calls and meetings with the legacy data system as well.

In our Usage & Adoption Dashboard, PowerSuite provides key UC usage metrics in both an overview of the data as well as a champion view which shows top adopters. Data displayed includes:

  • Call counts
  • Active users
  • Client usage

PowerSuite displays different usage info for Teams modalities and client types in an overall view as well as a breakdown of channel messages, chat messages, calls, and meetings for Microsoft Teams. IT teams will be able to identify their most prolific users and subsequently use this information to aid their critical user adoption efforts.

Within the PowerSuite Help Desk solution, IT teams can view an individual user’s Teams usage. PowerSuite’s real time call functionality has been augmented with a new Teams collaboration behavior analysis solution. This enables technicians to see which clients are being used by the user, how many calls and chat messages were sent, as well as how many meetings a user attended within a selected time frame.

These new Teams offerings from Unify Square will join other existing Microsoft Teams-focused solutions and services – PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services for Teams, Teams Transformation Services, and Teams User Adoption Services as IT teams around the globe begin to more aggressively manage and operate a hybrid UC environment.

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