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Industry Leading PowerSuite Skype for Business Monitoring Geo-Filtering Functionality

Geo mapping software is an enabling technology – it takes any business data with a location element (which most data has) and turns it into a visualization that is engaging and approachable – a map or an easy to filter table.  Most of us utilize some form of geo-mapping software to navigate the city streets on a daily basis, but as it turns out there is great value to be derived from applying geo overlays to UC data as well.

The GEO functionality within PowerSuite is simple (but powerful) filtering and hot-spot drill down technology which provides you with helpful breakdowns of important analytics information in a geographic format that makes sense to your organization.  This functionality is built into many of our solutions throughout PowerSuite such as:

A Video is better than a Blog Post 

We’ve created a short demo video that provides a brief overview of the geo functionality within PowerSuite.


Skype for Business Thru the Map vs Table Lens? 

We’ve constructed the geo functionality within PowerSuite to suit different types of viewing experiences and needs.  For the IT or SfB administrator who only needs to quickly isolate poor audio quality issues in a single geo region (e.g. EMEA), it is very easy to get a quick tabular view of poor call percentages in the region and to then drill down into specific call scenarios.  On the other hand, for the circumstances where I want to use PowerSuite like a large Network Operations Center map to be able to  constantly monitor when certain sites across the globe turn either yellow or red, the Service Health solution has a special view (see the screenshot earlier in the post).  Not only can trouble spots be monitored, but (as is shown in the screenshot), it is very easy to quickly drill-down into the site to identify the main issue causing the call degradation.

Real World UC Geo Scenarios 

All of the geo-filtering and geo-mapping functionality in PowerSuite was developed directly in response to the feedback of some of our largest multinational enterprise customers.  Not only is it some of the most frequently used functionality in the product, but the functionality has experienced an important ‘trickledown’ effect.  Although developed initially for our largest customers, even our smaller customer have found the geo-functionality helpful to assist them in geographically isolating and troubleshooting various Skype for Business monitoring issues.


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