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“Bad” Skype for Business or Teams call? Help Desk can relieve the burden!

One of the most common Skype for Business complaints from end-users involves the report of a “bad call”. Without PowerSuiteTM, the troubleshooting process for IT help desk personnel can be a time-consuming and often frustrating experience. Our PowerSuite Help Desk solution analyzes user and system behavior during calls to deliver quick end user- centric forensics which allow tier 1 support professionals to easily gain real time access to call records and to quickly troubleshoot end user concerns. IT professionals are able to close more tickets, without having to be Skype for Business or Teams experts.

Skype for Business PowerSuiteTM Help Desk Demo

Help Desk is a solution that analyzes user and system behavior during Skype for Business and Teams calls. Not only is IT able to pull up a historical record of calls related to an individual, but the solution also provides specific guidance regarding remediation steps which the support personnel can share with end users.  The key differentiation with Help Desk is that it puts IT on the front foot, allowing them to proactively analyze and then advise/educate a specific end-user regarding steps which they can take to improve the overall call experience.

Unify Square’s UC- Core™ technology which powers much of our PowerSuite software can be thought of as essentially the ‘Google Analytics’ of Skype for Business. In the case of Help Desk, UC-Core helps to bring everything that IT needs to solve those pesky end-user problems, into one location. No more having to open up multiple applications and/or search thru multiple reports tabs to get your questions answered.

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