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Real Time Call Monitoring | PowerSuite™

Seeing a detailed view of call issues happen real-time can be the change you need to optimize your digital workplace. PowerSuite’s real time call monitoring can visualize, summarize, and drill down into key metrics of your call performance.


Sometimes IT needs to drill down to get micro tracking details on calls either in real time or an historical aggregate for different defined groups of users. Quite often, this is for key executives but it may also be for certain work groups or teams who are experiencing unique issues which need oversight and troubleshooting. We’ll start this demo after having already entered in the email info from a particular user and bringing up a record of their most recent calls, including a current call in progress. Highlighting this call and then a specific user in the conference call will bring up a lower user diagnostics panel to show off various micro details of the call, and new to the PowerSuite Help Desk Solution, is the poor call floor metric which shows the worst time point of the call in real time. Drilling further into the in progress call, we can visualize the call over time and see when during the call the call quality issues appeared. The user name indicates the user causing the poor call performance. A pop-up tooltip will even show more details of key metrics during the poor call interval. Double-clicking on the poor call segment of the horizontal bars will expand the view to show both a user and conference call MCU stream, allowing for further detailed analysis of packet loss jitter and round-trip data info during the course of the call. Now certain Skype for Business organizations will require closer monitoring for key selected groups of users. the PowerSuite tracking dashboard is set up to closely watch various custom defined groups for poor call issues, the tracking dashboard monitors current poor call activity, overall provides a summary of current poor call issues and allows for quick drill down from here to the call details in Help Desk. using the Help Desk lookup button shows a history of poor call volumes and tracks the defined user group to catalog recent poor calls and conferences and assigns the experience to internal external and or device origins.

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