Robust Machine Learning for UC Anomaly Detection

Written by: Arun Raghavan


PowerSuite’s Insights Center Simplifies IT Priorities

It’s no secret that IT teams sometimes find themselves fighting an uphill battle when it comes to managing their unified communications system – keeping voice quality high, ensuring integration with new and old collaborative systems, and, of course, troubleshooting issues regarding disgruntled end-users. This extra workload leads to an increase in total cost ownership (TCO) as more team members are needed to fight fires and shutters the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.

As IT faces an onslaught of issues, it can be hard to identify and prioritize issues. Add in the pressing need for a well-functioning UC ecosystem for business success, and you’re left with an expensive IT team that is set up for a serious struggle. And while companies like Microsoft offer some basic monitoring and analytics for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, it lacks the acumen and breadth of analytics of a third party tool like PowerSuite.

Insights Center, a relatively new addition to the Unify Square PowerSuite software portfolio, is an innovative solution that epitomizes the Unify Square commitment to machine learning and AI. The solution grew from multiple years of accumulated leanings from PowerSuite customers and focuses on using patterns, past behaviors (across all PowerSuite customers and users, as well as the PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services operations team) and Unify Square UCC expertise to isolate and then prioritize issues on which the customer IT teams should focus their attention.

Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection

The Insights Center is a central PowerSuite hub for IT. It uses Unify Square proprietary technology, including regular advances in anomaly detection and machine learning, to detect system anomalies and highlight and surface the most critical issues and actions of which IT should be aware. Insights Center helps reduce TCO, letting IT choose when, how and who will fix key UC environment issues, based on time and resource demands.

Insights Center displays a series of cards for anomaly detection, each card clearly shows the type of insight, impact status, number of occurrences, and other details. Cards may be ordered by severity or date and can be filtered by status, which is useful when tracking the progress of particular issues.

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These cards help identify deviations from a learned baseline, changes in temporal patterns, and predict conditions to provide a prioritized, actionable view.

Peering into the details of a specific insight card Insights Center can highlight instances such as the number of high poor calls on a Wi-Fi access point. Drilling down, Insights Center will also show when the event occurred and also the history surrounding the event. For further investigation, a direct link to the proper PowerSuite functionality (for example, the PowerSuite Operations Dashboard solution) is also provided. Over time, new scenarios (in the form of Insights Center cards) will be added to the solution to further enhance the utility of the solution and to aid in the process of quicker remediation and accelerated end user satisfaction.

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