Run a Better Microsoft Lync Environment with Proactive End-to-End Monitoring

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Successful monitoring of your Microsoft Lync environment gets tricky as your business takes advantage of conferencing and enterprise voice capabilities. As you add modalities to your environment, the mix of servers, software, networks, SIP trunks and gateways becomes more complicated. The challenge is knowing that all of these pieces are working together every minute of every day.

Traditional systems monitoring watches over servers, software and networks, yet green lights across the board don’t give the Lync administrator a high degree of confidence. Monitoring reports components working, yet calls and conferencing may be failing. You can overcome these challenges with proactive monitoring from the end-user perspective. Here is how…

Proactively check all of the routes in, out and between the Lync environments on a regular basis to ensure system availability.

The best way to know if Lync is working is to test the system like an end-user. Verify calls between internal Lync users, test dialing outbound and receiving inbound calls, establish conferences and test dial-in. Do this for every route a user may take ensuring all elements of the topology are working. Don’t forget about those remote locations around the world.

Continually check the voice quality for calls and conferencing in the moment, don’t wait for a weekly report.

Let’s face it, if the user can’t hear the person on the other end of the call it really doesn’t matter if the call connected. For this aspect of monitoring keep tabs on voice quality “in the moment” across all of those different routes. Optimally, when you run user activity tests you should also check voice quality.

Find hidden problems that go un-reported by users.

A little known advantage of proactive end-to-end monitoring is the identification of recurring but unreported problems. A great example is a problem we spotted here at Unify Square that impacted our Lync availability, yet was never reported by users. We found out that one out of about every five calls through a particular route was failing. To the users, the call failed so they tried again until they were successful. Our proactive monitoring recognized this recurring failure and alerted our administrators.

PowerMon – Proactive End-to-End Monitoring for Microsoft Lync

Monitoring from the user perspective may seem like a daunting task of building and managing a complex infrastructure of simulated transactions and external connection points. At Unify Square we’ve already done this work and simplified this process from our cloud-based PowerMon solution. With PowerMon, your organization can take advantage of proactive end-to-end monitoring for your entire Lync environment with just a few hours of effort. Visit the website for more information on how PowerMon can help you.

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