Show Me the Money: the Value of Unified Communications

Written by: Scott Gode

Updated: 10/25/2021

“Show Me the (UC) Money!”

Fairly early on in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, Rod Tidwell, the aspiring superstar football wide receiver represented by sports agent Jerry Maguire, is disenchanted. He feels like he’s not getting paid what he’s worth. “Show me the money!” is the now famous line which he repeats over and over to drive home what he’s asking his agent to do for him in his contract negotiations. Fast forward 25 years and Rod’s sentiments are often repeated when talking to IT leaders looking to understand where and how third-party specialty tools and services—like those offered by Unify Square— are delivering Unified Communications (UC) value, savings, and ‘money’ to the IT cost center. A quarter-century ago, Jerry delivered and made Rod a happy client by showing him the money. Unify Square does the same today, day in and day out. This post will demonstrate how.

Real UC and Collaboration Challenges

The ongoing process of successfully deploying and operating at least one — if not multiple — UC and Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom is just plain hard. IT professionals often encounter several challenges as they attempt to keep their users happy and productive, and showcase UC value, while using these collaboration apps:

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were forced to rapidly deploy into the cloud without a properly allocated budget or trained staff.
  • The challenge of migrating thousands of users from a legacy on-premises conferencing and telephony solution to a new UCaaS platform is often daunting and confusing.
  • Increased concern and/or lack of awareness regarding governance and security for collaboration platforms is a frequent occurrence.
  • Unknown drivers often lead to poor video, audio, and meeting performance, creating frustration for employees and external participants.
  • Newly deployed UCaaS platforms such as Teams and Zoom are untested and unfamiliar to users and IT alike, causing some apprehension for widespread adoption among enterprises.
  • IT staff may demonstrate significant confusion and lack of confidence around operating in the cloud due to inexperience.

These are just some of the many issues IT must work through in order to create UC value, while focused on what is, for many organizations, the highest-profile and most frequently used application platform(s) in the company.


What’s the best platform for you — Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or another? See how we stack them against each other.


“You Complete Me”

Near the end of the Jerry Maguire film, Jerry (played by Tom Cruise) finally comes to his senses and realizes that his business partner is so much more than just a business partner — she is his soulmate. “You complete me,” is the famous line he uses to profess his love to her. Here at Unify Square, we can’t quite claim to have had any clients who have poured their hearts out to us with this sort of language, but we believe that our engagement statistics relating to how and where we provide UC value speak louder than words.

See for yourself:

  • Total number of PowerSuite software users worldwide: 3M+
  • Global software and services customer reach: 50+ countries
  • Total PowerSuite software & managed services customers and/or Unify Square consulting customers worldwide: >200 organizations
  • % of clients with multiplatform engagements: 76%
  • Client renewal rate: 95%

And what exactly do we do for our clients?

  • Conference/Meeting minutes supported per month (combined PowerSuite software and managed services): 200 million minutes
  • Cloud Phone Voice minutes supported per month (combined PowerSuite software and managed services): 2 million minutes
  • PowerSuite software and managed services remediations per month: 1 million
  • Number of end users serviced by a single PowerSuite managed services operations engineer 5 thousand

For more details see here.

“Help Me Help You”

In the middle of the film a frustrated Jerry pleads with his frustrated client to try to ease up with his demands. Jerry tells the football star that he has been working incredibly hard to meet his demands but is at his breaking point. Jerry is asking Rod to simply let him work his magic to let him deliver value to his client.

Here at Unify Square, we are fortunate to not have any frustrated clients, but that is probably because we deliver great UC value on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the examples of where that UC value shines through.

Related to Unified Communications:

  • Conferencing & call quality improvements driven by PowerSuite saved our clients’ knowledge workers the equivalent of 7 minutes per week. That’s 30 minutes per month, OR over 15 hours annually.
  • Prior to deploying PowerSuite, Unify Square clients had an average of 4.35% Poor Voice Calls; after implementation, our clients saw their poor call rate decrease by 2x.
  • Clients using our PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services experienced 30% average savings as a result of improved Time to Resolution (TTR) compared to in-house IT teams and 15% average savings when compared to traditional IT outsourcing.
  • When leveraging PowerSuite, our clients’ average time reduction for onboarding and offboarding users for UC-related issues was 36%.
  • Unify Square professional services experts have supported an average of 20K users per month to migrate to Teams or Zoom from legacy platforms.

And the UC value is equally exciting when it comes to how Unify Square assists with collaboration security and governance (CSG)– related issues.

  • PowerSuite policy management eliminated an average of 23% of trouble tickets from ever hitting the service desk by decreasing zero or single-owner teams by over 80% in the Teams environment.
  • PowerSuite also helped to eliminate Teams blind spots by reducing or eliminating an average of 33% unapproved/unknown guest users.
  • PowerSuite helped identify and remove an average of 27% of team sprawl, decreasing total average team membership by over 20% to improve employee engagement.
  • Unify Square Consulting helped clients identify security policies that were either missed or misconfigured in both Microsoft Teams and/or Microsoft 365 (18% on average).

Looking for assistance?

Don’t go at it alone!

If your organization needs help in deploying workstream collaboration tools, Unify Square can help. Our expert consultants can work with you on platform selection and deployment plans to ensure a successful roll-out.

“You Had Me at Hello”

Jerry’s girlfriend, Dorothy, spoke these famous words after patiently listening to Jerry’s heartfelt soliloquy professing his love for her. At Unify Square, our clients aren’t quite this easy to win over—and for good reason. We have to show them the money on a regular basis to prove our UC value and define our success in this market.

However, our sole focus isn’t only on delivering and measuring UC value. As Jerry tells us in a lesser-known quote in the movie, “Let’s bring soul and character to what is already there.” Unify Square, and our parent company Unisys, are all about trust, loyalty and relationships. We deliver for our clients, but in doing so we never forget our humanity.

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