Skype for Business PowerSuite Benchmarking

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How does your Skype for Business Deployment Compare?

Unify Square’s PowerSuite Benchmarking solution provides IT with an industry-leading innovation which can potentially transform your Skype for Business UC deployment experience. Cloud-sourced Benchmarking allows IT to compare your core 3 KPI’s in comparison to anonymized averages of other PowerSuite customers.  This extra level of collective intelligence allows IT to quickly determine if Skype for Business is performing to industry norms OR if more aggressive health adjustments are necessary.

Benchmarking- Your PowerSuite method for keeping up with the Jones’

In addition to the high level KPI comparisons, this solution also boasts some additional drill down benefits.  In terms of call quality, all of the different call scenarios (e.g. Server to Server, Cellular Endpoint to Server, Federated Endpoint to Server, etc.), can be selected and compared to other enterprise organizations using PowerSuite.  Also, benchmarking within your organization is available, in addition to the comparative feature.  The performance of your San Francisco site can be compared to the UC performance of your Frankfurt site.  This sort of Geo-Benchmarking analysis can be helpful in pinpointing either best practices and/or performance anomalies which need to be either adopted or remediated to help enhance overall Skype for Business health.

Benchmarking is available for the following key KPI’s that measure your SfB success: call quality, service availability and overall end user satisfaction.

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