Skype for Business Real-Time Mid-Call Monitoring

Written by: Unify Square


A New Powerful Combination 

PowerSuite™ has long supported Microsoft’s SDN technology allowing it to provide real-time monitoring of in-progress conferences and calls. There still remain some unique scenarios, however, when IT needs to drill down to get micro tracking details on calls for users who are experiencing unusual issues for which additional oversight and troubleshooting are needed.

In order to satisfy our customers’ needs we are in the process of taking steps to both expand our Help Desk solution and to create a new Tracking Dashboard (early code-name only) solution. The formidable one-two punch of these two solutions, working in concert, allow IT and Help Desk professionals to visualize any conference or call in real-time over the course of the call (and in particular during any particular moment in the middle of the call’s duration) to help identify what might be going wrong and why.

This new combination can be a powerful way to help monitor and stay ahead of issues relating to key executives and VIPs, or it can simply be a way to zero in on any targeted groups of users who need extra assistance.

Skype for Business Real-Time Mid-Call Monitoring Demo

We’ve created a demo video of both solutions and we will enable it in a future release of PowerSuite soon — exact ship date to be determined.

Skype for Business Real-Time Mid-Call monitoring enables instant visibility and analysis of active calls allowing PowerSuite to better isolate and evaluate the true end user experience and get ahead of any poor call performance issues before they become an issue.

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