Skype for Business Success- The ROI Story

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The Key to Skype for Business Success: UC Performance Monitoring Solutions

In order to ensure Skype for Business success, an effective deployment involves more than a spotless roll-out and impeccable architecture. The modern Skype for Business success model must also integrate constant Performance modeling and User adoption monitoring.  The ability to track and analyze these performance and adoption statistics is only made possible through the use of independent tools.  According to key industry analysts, using 3rd party performance management solutions results in strong cost reductions which impact the overall unified communications ROI story.

“Using third-party management tools with Skype for Business results in a 63% reduction in operational costs and an 11% reduction in implementation costs.”

A UC system is not a “set it and forget it” platform.  Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting is required and even then, call quality and availability issues are often either overlooked or not monitored holistically enough. Using PowerSuiteTM, your IT team has access to a full set of solutions (tools) purpose-built and fashioned specifically to address the immediate and real time issues that may be slowing your Skype for Business or Teams performance.

Additionally, user adoption issues are often disregarded and yet many of the most critical UC performance problems can be traced directly back to end-user created issues.  Failure to correct these problems can decrease the functionality and use of your communication and collaboration systems. Monitoring device management issues and a laser focus on user training are just as important as a properly architectured system.

Far too many IT leaders don’t know what is going on with their communication systems or their end-users.

Want to view a short video which provides more detail regarding the importance of UC monitoring and analytics tools to ensure system ROI —- watch below:


“Leveraging PowerSuiteTM has been a big win for Microsoft…now we are always ahead of the game, instead of behind.” –Microsoft IT

The real-time nature, extensibility, and regular pace of change of communications platforms requires specialty tools to ensure quality and service availability. PowerSuite is the catalyst to enable the essential elements of your UC infrastructure success and rollout.

To request a demo or to learn more about our unique UC technology and PowerSuite features, connect with one of our sales team today!

To view other Unify Square demo videos and informational videos please consult our UC Library HERE

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