Skype for Business is Dying: Is Teams Slowly Making Skype Obsolete?

The When, How, and Why of An Enterprise Transformation to Microsoft Teams

It’s time to get serious about Microsoft Teams! As more and more companies embrace workstream collaboration as part of their digital transformation, Skype for Business is dying. Discover the key considerations and potential pain points for any enterprise transformation to Microsoft’s Teams. Do you know what Skype for Business functionality and integrations are available for a smooth Teams transition?

What We’ll Cover:

– What does it actually mean when we say Skype for Business is dying?

– What will be “reborn” with Microsoft Teams?

– What sort of pilot, Skype for Business “coexistence,” and full migration timetable should an enterprise be looking at for Teams?

– How should enterprises think about the migration vs co-existence of SharePoint to Teams?

– Will Teams put an end to email usage, or just load-balance it in a different way?

– What are enterprise customers telling Unify Square?

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