The Skype for Business & Teams Usage & Adoption Challenge

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How to Ensure ROI on Your UC Investment?

As the CIO of a major Fortune 500 global company, you sign a check and convert your entire worldwide communications infrastructure from an antiquated PBX system to Skype for Business.  The entire transformation across to full UC conferencing, and telephony takes 2+ years and costs millions of dollars.  Upon completion of the transformation you call for a business review to check in on the ROI of the big strategic move and the news is grim.  Not only is your IT team not able to provide you with accurate analytics regarding your new Skype for Business adoption, but they also show your ongoing high 3rd party conference call charges and high company cellphone charges.  Something has been lost in translation….a change is needed.

This scenario is unfortunately not uncommon in enterprise UC roll-outs.  Often good measurement systems and adoption frameworks are not put into place as part of the overall plan.   Here’s your opportunity to change all that — you can spend just 2 minutes watching a video demo of our PowerSuite Usage and Adoption Dashboard  to see how a robust performance monitoring system can dramatically improve your ROI.

PowerSuite Usage & Adoption Dashboard 

The PowerSuite Usage & Adoption Dashboard provides key metrics (such as call counts, active users and client usage) regarding your organization’s active usage of specific Skype for Business modalities as well as information about your company’s overall adoption of Skype for Business.  Using these metrics, you can track high level ROI on the service, provide targeted communications and continuing education follow-up to end-users, and surface user-experience-centric reporting to management regarding overall Skype for Business (and soon Teams) adoption.

Using the Usage & Adoption Dashboard, IT can drill into and filter by the following modalities:

  • Audio Calls
  • Video Calls
  • App Sharing
  • Data Sharing
  • IM Sessions

This filtering allows you to correlate the Skype for Business data with overall platform roll-out goals as well as service availability issues.

Your Skype for Business Review Tool 

Together with the PowerSuite Executive Dashboard (here’s another quick video), which focuses in on a more high level overview of top line usage of the Microsoft Intelligent Communications platform, the Usage & Adoption Dashboard provides IT with a highly visual and interaction pane of glass to use for gaming out different usage scenarios.  Unlike other sophisticated usage and adoption approaches which often require ongoing coding and/or usage of stand-alone tools, the Unify Square software is a simple plug-and-play solution — easy to install, easy to use and easy to quickly unearth results.

The ability to have easily accessible usage and adoption analytics about your UC system is a definite must-have for Skype for Business or Teams success.  Make sure your enterprise is correctly outfitted before moving forward with your UC transformation.

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