Measuring Poor Call Quality in Skype for Business

Written by: Unify Square


PowerSuite Call Explorer- Your In-House Doctor for UC Diagnostics and Reporting.

Looking for a flexible way to visualize key data and patterns in your UC network? The Call Explorer solution offers both a set of pre-packaged reports (devices, conferences, voice and video quality, call failures, sharing functionality and more) and a customized query UI. Easily create a functional histogram of your SDN data by diving deep and searching your call records for new insights to drive increased Skype for Business and Teams health.

Call detail records (CDRs) contain insightful metadata about telephone calls and SMS (text) messages for communications that pass through UC telephony systems. The metadata collected includes a variety of information about the call or text message.  Unify Square’s PowerSuiteTM leverages not only CDR data, but also data from QoE and SDN records outputted by Skype for Business to provide global visibility into the UC environment. Why is this important? This enables organizations to track and troubleshoot service availability and call quality for Skype for Business and Teams systems.

Bad Call Quality? We have you covered!

The PowerSuite Operations Dashboard solution even includes a Call Explorer query button that allows you to dive deeper into problems impacting your Skype for Business deployment. Using this CE button, you can drill deeper and take a pro-active look at unexpected errors and organize results by the source pool of the error. You can now evaluate your device quality at a micro level- which enables you not only to identify the source but fix it.

To see Call Explorer in Action, watch the video preview below:

PowerSuite’s Call Explorer increases your happy Skype for Business users without interruption of service. No more waiting or guessing what might be wrong—solutions are at your fingertips.

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