Enhanced Skype for Business Visualization and Heat-mapping

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In late December while most people were busy identifying their New Years’ resolutions, the Unify Square Development team knew that there was one key resolution which they would NOT have to worry about: constant, ongoing and frequent product updates and enhancements for PowerSuite™. Here at Unify Square, new solutions, features, and functionality are a fait accompli — every month brings new updates and changes as we respond to the evolving needs of the UC market and our customers.

Here are the “big 3” adds from December which are now available to all current and new PowerSuite subscribers:

  • Geographical data breakdowns: PowerSuite for some time now has offered a geo-heat-mapped view of the different Skype for Business sites in an organization, allowing IT to troubleshoot based on a red/yellow/green designation of the status of a site. Going a step deeper, PowerSuite has now added the capability for IT to view key metrics focused on geographical regions within the company. This specific geo-feature set will continue to grow and evolve, but for now, the new functionality allows IT to select any region (or for a specific new role “Site Manager” be restricted to only a few regions of need) and see the data for that specific region (e.g. see the number of conferences scheduled by users within the Bellevue site).

  • Operations Dashboard -> Call Explorer integration: Two of the more popular solutions within the PowerSuite portfolio are the Operations Dashboard and Call Explorer. Customer feedback told us that a key usage scenario was for IT to identify a Skype for Business issue in the Operations Dashboard and then utilize Call Explorer to drill deeper into the telemetry. The problem was that there was no easy/direct connection between the two solutions which forced a lot of extra navigation and data entry. This new feature allows for detailed drill downs into the actual calls that are causing a specific area to have significant Poor Call Percentage. When an issue is identified a quick push of the Call Explorer button (from within the Operations Dashboard) initiates a query and transfers the user to the Call Explorer solution.

  • Helpdesk visualization: The Helpdesk solution is hands down the most popular of the 13 solutions which currently ship as part of PowerSuite. Even given this popularity, though, there was still room for improvement. The ask from IT customers was to see some sort of a conference join timeline which would show when users join or leave a conference. The new attendee timeline feature (you can see a screenshot here) now includes a slider to allow the helpdesk personnel to move around within the timeframe of any conference call and to isolate join and leave times as part of the overall Skype for Business troubleshooting process for end user issues.

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