7 Slack Hacks to Become an Expert Slack User

Written by: Unify Square

Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Slack Collaboration Game

Slack is a workstream collaboration (WSC) platform designed to help make teams more productive. Organizations that embrace this WSC application will likely see measurable improvements in output – simply by using default settings.

Under the hood, however, exists a host of features that can help you take your personal workspace to the next level. Here are seven Slack hacks to help transform you into an expert user.

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Our Favorite Slack Hacks

1. Keyboard Shortcuts
keyboard shortcuts for slack hack efficiency

Save time and unnecessary mouse movements by using Slack’s native keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • Alt + Right = Go to the next channel in your history.
  • Shift + Enter = Create a new line.
  • ESC = Mark every message in the current channel or conversation as “read.”

Basic keyboard shortcut knowledge makes a big difference, but knowing the complete list will make you a power user. To see all of the available shortcuts, open the app and select:

  • Control + / (on Windows)
  • Command + / (on Mac)

2. Integrations

slack integration hacks

Slack is a fully featured productivity app in its own right. Yet it has the ability to integrate seamlessly with countless other business tools, such as:

  • Office 365
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce

These modules are all available in the Slack App Directory. You can also use the platform’s open API to custom build your own enterprise integrations from scratch.

3. Zoom Meetings in Slack

zoom and slack

One of the most popular Slack integrations is the Zoom app — a VoIP tool that allows you to start crystal-clear video conference calls from any Slack message, private group, or channel. In addition to the Zoom app, Zoom has also made strides in becoming a viable UCaaS option with their cloud PBX offering, Zoom Phone.

There’s no need to open a separate application to host these meetings. Everything is contained within Slack.

4. Automation
slack hack slack bot reminders

For many power users, automation is the ultimate productivity hack. Why manually complete a task when bots can do it for you?

The platform’s Slackbot technology, for example, allows you to set reminders — both for yourself and for others on the team.

/remind @william to send conference schedule tomorrow at 4 p.m.

As with most features in Slack, these bots are highly customizable thanks to third-party integration.

5. Hiding Clutter
notification preferences

Another key to productivity tip involves eliminating unnecessary noise and clutter from your workspace. Slack makes this easy — whether you wish to leave, mute or archive a channel. You can also temporarily stop incoming messages entirely.

All these settings are located under the “gear” option of the Slack dashboard.

6. Customize Notifications

This highly popular hack is similar to the above, but Slack allows you to customize the types of alerts you receive throughout your workday. Some notifications are on by default (such as when someone specifically mentions you in a channel). However, it’s also possible to tailor these Slack notifications at the global or channel level.

These settings can also be found under the “gear” icon of the Slack dashboard.

7. Message Management
slack hacks cat facts

In addition to being a collaborative workspace, Slack is also a full-fledged messaging platform. However, this means all users have one more inbox they have to manage.

Fortunately, Slack comes equipped with powerful controls to help you move closer and closer to “Inbox Zero.”

You can:

  • Filter your inbox so that you only see unread messages
  • Star and pin your most important messages for easy access
  • Create to-do lists based on individual messages
  • Set reminders to revisit critical messages

In fact, some integrations with email providers even allow you to sync your email directly into Slack.

Better still, Slack comes with advanced formatting capabilities, allowing you to easily customize messages as you type. You can even use keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • Control/Command + B for bolding
  • Control/Command + I for italics
  • Control/Command + Shift + X for strikethrough
  • Control/Command + Shift + 7 for numbered lists
  • Control/Command + Shift + 8 for bulleted lists

Moreover, Slack’s built-in search capabilities allow you to quickly find “stray” items nested deep in threaded conversations.

Are You Ready to Become a Slack Ninja?
slack ninja

Using Slack can make your organization more productive while simultaneously improving the user experience for every member on your team.

By incorporating the above Slack hacks, however, you can take these productivity gains to the next level.

Want to see how you can more effectively manage your entire organization’s Slack experience and get even more out of Slack? Contact us to see how we can help with your Slack environment.

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