Successful Organizations in the Modern Workplace

Workstream Collaboration - Profiling Successful Organizations in the Modern Workplace

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Defining Collaboration Success

This Infographic Represents the Data Gathered by Nemertes Research Study About the Main Factors which Determine Successful Organizations in the Modern Workplace.

  • In its research, Nemertes determined that 17.7% of companies achieved measurable success from their collaboration initiatives
  • 24.1% of organizations gained new revenue
  • Moreover, 45.5% of organizations saved money
  • 66.1% improved identifiable processes

Nemertes Research Study Highlights the Main Actions Which Successful Organizations Take:

Business Approaches:

  • There are 68% of organizations centrally fund IT
  • 48% of them support remote/ virtual work
  • 28% utilize a best-of-breed IT procurement strategy
  • The research says that successful organizations spend $213 (minimum) per person on collaboration

Collaboration, Calling & Meetings:

  • 50% of companies adopt workstream collaboration company-wide
  • 48% use workstream collaboration as a work hub
  • 36% of organizations have a proactive collaboration security strategy
  • 22% adopt 3rd party performance and administration management tools

The Infographic Provides Main Changes which Successful Organizations Make in Digital Workplace Transformation:

  • 53% of companies rely on IT to initiate projects
  • 43% hire collaboration-focused app developers
  • 14% adopt personal voice assistants, AI, and augmented reality.

In summary, the data from Nemertes and its infographic states says that successful organizations in the modern workplace are actively using workstream collaboration tools (Microsoft TeamsSlack, Workplace by Facebook). Successful companies invest in IT, start offering remote work and focus on the development of collaboration apps.  Workstream collaboration plays a key role in the digital workplace transformation process today.

Note: This Infographic was created by Unify Square using data from Nemertes Research.

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