Terrible Conference Calls: How to Solve Them for Good

Written by: Unify Square


UC Monitoring and Management Take the Guess Work out of User Experience for Conference Calls

When end-users and teams speak about conference calls, it’s very rarely a positive conversation – often full of frustrating (though sometimes laugh-worthy) anecdotes about poor experiences. Yet, odds are, as much as you might despise conference calls, you and your business still very much rely on them. In fact, Silicon Valley-based communications solution provider Ooma recently conducted a survey and found that over half of respondents typically have at least one conference call a week.

With all these conference calls taking place, it’s time to ask what the root of the conference call problems may be. Are these issues really just dropped calls and poor audio, or do they stem from network interference, inadequate or outdated hardware, poor system architecture, end-user errors or lack of systems training, or perhaps even old or bad endpoint device performance?

Conference Call Survey Infographics

Whether you’re participating in a large or small conference calls, you may continue to experience lack-luster performance without help. While conference call problems are often pushed off as the “fault” of IT, there are ways to combat poor end-user experiences. With an elegantly architected UC system, and a smooth deployment on the perfect network, it will still require 24×7 monitoring and management to ensure that all systems are running as expected.

The equilibrium for voice communications can easily tip due to a host of different issues. Having a proper monitoring and management solution in place can help alert IT teams of an issue – in some cases even before a negative peep is heard from the all-important end-user audience.

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