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The Hidden Secrets of Microsoft 365 Security Health

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There has been an explosion of cloud technologies in the hybrid workforce which continue to redefine the security perimeter

Corporate data footprints have expanded to sit outside of the corporate network to live in the cloud. Employees are bringing their own devices, working remotely, and accessing or sharing data outside of the corporate network. As a result, organizations need to adapt to the complexities of the modern digital workplace environment by protecting the organization’s identities, devices, apps, and data wherever they reside.

Join us to learn about the new emerging multi-modal UC redefinition of optimized user experiences in the age of hybrid work.

  • What are the typical and/or least well understood M365 security and compliance problem origination areas?
  • How can audits for ‘dangerous privileges’, inactive licenses, services or apps barely touched, etc. help better secure the M365 portfolio?
  • Is the Microsoft set of security tools (Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Information Protection & Governance) enough?
  • How to prevent security breaches with health and performance monitoring
  • What is the security role of non-IT personnel/champions for routine tasks, training and support?
  • How should UC Health and CSG (Teams Collaboration) Health be audited and managed to help ensure ideal M365 security?

How Can CXO’s secure their Business Collaboration Platforms?

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