The ROI of Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing is widely used and delivers measurable benefits.

Adoption of Video Conferencing

With working from home becoming more prevalent, research shows that 91.3% of users now use video to support WFH and 61.3% added new video apps.

  • 49.8% bought a new video conferencing app.
  • 34.5% continue to deploy new video room systems.
  • 94.3% plan to increase video spending.

With an increase of use, comes an increase in alterations. 38.9% of users suggest improved ease of use, while audio and video quality improvements fell just after.

Top Analytics Focus Metrics for Video Success

  1. Audio performance
  2. Meeting length
  3. Number of people in meeting
  4. Video performance

Real-World ROI Data for Video

One of the top real-world changes that come with increased video conferencing is a reducing in travel by 29% and less 329 trips per year. Video also reduces hire timeline by about 13 days and eliminating over $1,000 in interview cost.

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