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The Secret to User Experience Success

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Taking the Guesswork out of User Experience Success

Demystifying the Skype for Business service health environment and user experience can be an IT nightmare!  Walk through the 3 KPIs that are the secret to user experience success

What We’ll Cover:

– What are the 3 KPIs that IT should focus on to roll-up the myriad of analytics?

– How do performance monitoring and management differ between third-party tools and what platforms provide natively?

– Are there any trends emerging regarding how IT is approaching the end-user experience monitoring?

– As Skype for Business continues to shift to the cloud, how will that change the user experience monitoring game?

– How will Microsoft Teams performance management mirror (or differ from) the approach to SfB performance management?

Taking the Guesswork out
of User Experience Success

Secret to Microsoft Intelligent Communications

Uploaded by Unify Square on 2018-04-11.

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