The Top Breakthrough Features in Workstream Collaboration

Written by: Joel Raper

Four Key Features in Slack and Microsoft Teams Your End Users Will Love
strategic features in workstream collaboration

As a company that aggressively embraced workstream collaboration from the get-go, our team revels in the features and functionality to the point that we’ve become power users. But what is workstream collaboration? Who uses it? And what breakthrough features in WSC may make it the right application platform for you? In part one of a three-part series, we’ll look at the key features in workstream collaboration that make it an essential workplace app for almost any organization. Part two will cover the workstream collaboration features with the most utility, and finally part three will conclude with some of the most underutilized, but most effective, features that users might not know about.

Workstream Collaboration (WSC), has quietly become the digital workplace linchpin – sneakily embracing and extending unified communications (UC). Workstream collaboration application platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack enable teams to communicate in context by integrating chat, meetings, video, and voice with business workflows and external applications, which are pivotal requirements for companies embracing digital transformation.

break through features in workstream collaboration

Because WSC benefits teams throughout organizations by enabling faster access to relevant information, and the integration of workflows and collaboration, nearly 60% of companies are using or plan to deploy workstream collaboration. 60% is an impressively significant milestone – and it has been achieved from the benefits workstream collaboration can provide. A 21% gain in productivity, increased success in meeting business collaboration needs, cost savings associated with using workstream collaboration apps to replace IP desk phones… it’s hard to trump the long list of benefits.

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What specific features do workstream collaboration applications have that will strategically make sense for you? Here are the top four breakthrough features in workstream collaboration we can’t get enough of.

Get Answers, Faster
break through features in WSC

Applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams push the concept that no matter what you do, what department or team you are a part of, you can do it with workstream collaboration. An easy example is one that all users have throughout the day – questions.

With WSC apps you can loop in subject matter experts in real-time, and even see if those subject matter experts are available online. In the past, it would be time-consuming and could take a full day or longer to get your problem in front of the right person and receive their help. Whether it’s providing top-tier customer service, solving problems a user has been tasked with or uncovering processes written by your subject matter expert in the company wiki, workstream collaboration apps have simplified the problem-resolution pipeline.

Cross-Functional Teams
break through features in workstream collaboration

Gone are the days where we worked in our individual silos – instead we’re cranking away at several projects at a time with our immediate team, while also offering our eyes and advice to other teams. Connecting the dots across your organization was complicated in the past. It was more time-consuming and onerous to successfully and frequently collaborate with other departments. Now marketing can have conversations with sales and engineers and developers can weigh in as well. Building a client presentation or looping in external partners is as simple as @mentioning them.

Live Chat with Customers
break through features in WSC

If you use systems like Intercom and Olark to communicate with your customers, you can now live chat directly through your workstream collaboration app. This is great for getting notified instantly when someone is seeking help or with closing deals by clearing up confusion before someone places a product order.

For those who deal with high volume customer interaction and use ticketing systems like ZenDesk or ServiceNow, integrations are available to notify a channel on how many tickets have been received or details about a specific ticket submittal. No matter what your process is, workstream collaboration can help simplify it to offer an efficient and convenient approach to top-tier customer service.

Task & Project Management
break through features in workstream collaboration

Facilitate better project results with WSC. By improving communication regardless of user location, keeping work accessible, meeting important deadlines, or sharing calendars – there are many ways to make project management more efficient within workstream collaboration platforms.

Meetings can be regularly scheduled and communicated in channels, with notes and files persisting in one location. Going further, you can incorporate robust integration features, such as task management applications, to create custom project management environments specific to company workflows and business processes.

Want More?

Looking for ways to get even more out of your workstream collaboration app platforms? Stay tuned in the coming weeks for this series to continue with a look at the WSC features with the most utility, and underutilized features that your end-users will love.

Or, tune in to the on-demand webinar, Most Helpful WSC Features, for a walk-thru of all our favorites at once and learn about how software tools like PowerSuite can help you monitor and maintain the user experience to keep end-users and executives happy.

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