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The Ultimate Guide to Collaboration Security and Governance

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An IT and Information Security Teams’ Guide to Collaboration Security and Governance in the Enterprise

Preparing for the Hidden Risk of Collaboration

Aggressive penetration of workstream collaboration platforms in the enterprise has shifted over 50% of team communications to collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace from Facebook. This shift in workplace collaboration has many benefits, but there’s a hidden risk with collaboration – especially when it comes to enterprises. With easier (and faster) information flow, the usual security approach of perimeter protection isn’t enough. Instead, IT and security teams need to consider insider threats (both accidental and intentional) that can lead to data leakage.

Issues ranging from Slack security overall, Microsoft Teams guest access, or Workplace from Facebook’s collaboration app security, IT teams and security teams are facing new risks. The challenge is balancing risk and end-user utility. Lock it up to prevent any possible problems, and end-user adoption plummets. Let end-users run free, and it’s only a matter of time before something is shared with the wrong person.

The Ultimate Guide to Collaboration Security and Governance eBook covers topics including:

  • What is collaboration security
  • Planning for and operationalizing policies
  • Evaluating the digital workplace
  • The three M’s of collaboration security
  • Multiplatform preparedness

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