This is What Happens When You can Actually Go Beyond Device Management

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Knight Frank’s Commitment to UC Monitoring Software

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When organizations deploy Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business across multiple globally distributed sites, it becomes exponentially harder to proactively track voice quality and user satisfaction for meetings, chats, and calls across each and every location. The challenge of maintaining happy end users grows with each new site, and the pressure is on IT to ensure a functioning and healthy workstream collaboration (WSC) or UC environment.

Nobody knows this better than the IT team at Knight Frank, who has embraced the challenge of working with limited resources dedicated to voice service and quality for over 5,500 Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users. Recognizing the importance of being strategic and efficient in managing their UC systems led Knight Frank to deploy monitoring software, but when that software was discontinued, Knight Frank found themselves needing to quickly adopt a new software vendor partner.

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Because Knight Frank had already recognized that working with third-party UC monitoring software can reduce UC operation costs by up to 43% and implementation cost savings of 65% (according to Nemertes’ research), they turned to the market leader, Unify Square. Unify Square’s PowerSuite™ software turned out to be a robust super-set replacement of the firm’s previous tool. Knight Frank primarily used their UC device management tool previous tool, but PowerSuite not only delivered more device management functionality it also provided enhanced features and dashboards beyond ‘just’ device management.

In our recently published case study with Knight Frank, we discuss the tangible results Knight Frank received with enhanced functionality by working with Unify Square.

PowerSuite Delivers Results for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

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After deploying PowerSuite, Knight Frank was delighted to discover that they were able to realize value that went far beyond their initial device management solution needs by exploring the Executive Dashboard, Usage & Adoption Dashboard, and Help Desk. These various solutions all provide a single pane of glass monitoring and troubleshooting view for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business data.

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Utilizing the PowerSuite Insights Center, the IT team was able to easily prioritize a streamlined process for conducting troubleshooting and remediation for various global call quality issues – a common challenge IT teams can easily overcome thanks to this innovative PowerSuite solution.

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Piloting a New Collaboration Platform

Building on their new-found confidence for successfully managing Skype for Business, the Knight Frank IT team was able to begin to leverage PowerSuite to manage their Microsoft Teams pilots as well. The ability to quickly and seamlessly shift back and forth between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams views in PowerSuite makes managing a hybrid portfolio exponentially easier. Further, the PowerSuite benchmarking functionality allows IT teams to compare the voice quality across both of Microsoft’s UC platforms. Such a comparison is invaluable in helping to aid the decision regarding when the Microsoft Teams platform is “ready” for a full migration from Skype for Business.

Access the case study to learn more about how Knight Frank experienced success and ROI with PowerSuite.

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