Top 12 Microsoft Ignite 2019 Sessions About Microsoft Teams

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How to Get the Most out of Microsoft Ignite 2019

Last year we thought the session catalog for Microsoft Ignite 2018 was pretty impressive with 55 sessions on Microsoft Teams. It turned out that Microsoft Ignite 2019 was even more of a shock. A simple search of “Microsoft Teams” gives you over 1,400 sessions to browse through. After a bit more filtering, we reviewed over 150 sessions and pulled the top 12 Microsoft Ignite 2019 sessions you won’t want to miss.

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 Sessions to Watch:

Whether you’re trying to come to terms with Skype for Business Online reaching its EOL, or trying to get a handle on an existing Teams deployment, there’s likely a handful of sessions for you.

1.      Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams

This hands-on lab will cover how to use the Teams admin center to help make the change from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. This session will cover the coexistence models and how they will help drive a successful migration.

Can’t make this session? Check out these blog posts on the journey to hybrid UC with Microsoft Teams: Part 1 and Part 2

2.      A Day in the Life of a Microsoft Teams Admin

If you need to learn more about the core admin capabilities for Teams, this session is for you. You’ll walk through common scenarios like configuring global settings, creating user policies, and streamlining the creation of teams with PowerShell and Team templates.

If taking on the Teams admin duties aren’t for you, consider letting a managed service provider take over your 24×7 operations.

3.      Deploy Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in Less Than a Day

Interested in keeping your phone plan when moving to Teams? This theater session will walk you through deploying direct routing for Microsoft Teams – helping eliminate hosted PBXs and legacy on-premises. You’ll see how to deploy an SBC into Azure and connect it to Teams without needing any additional hardware purchases.

Can’t make this session or want to learn more about direct routing? You can read more in our blog post, The Secret to Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, or you can watch this thirty-minute webinar about voice enabling Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing.

4.      Top 10 Microsoft Teams Adoption Best Practices

This 45-minute breakout session features insight from actual Teams users. Get practical guidance for planning, delivering, managing, and driving adoption of Teams at Scale. Stick around for a short overview of the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist program.

Or – check out our deployment guide for Microsoft Teams, where we look at how to successfully deploy Teams within your enterprise. If you are still struggling with user adoption, see how our PowerSuite software can help.

5.      Increasing Productivity Through Analytics

You’ve bought into the collaboration hype, but how do you know if it’s actually increasing productivity and if you’ve tapped into its full potential? This session dives into getting more value out of Microsoft 365.

If you’re like most organizations thought, you’re trying to juggle multiple platforms, while still trying to prove ROI and create best practices. Check out this eBook on Workplace Analytics for the Enterprise for help navigating these inevitable questions.

6.      Managing Microsoft Teams Effectively

Looking at the administrative controls available, this session helps identify what tools are available to provide the best user experience while protecting company data. Learn about security and admin capabilities within Microsoft Teams.

Nearly 33% of all organizations lack the capability to prevent or deter an insider incident or attack related to workstream collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams. Get a jump start with this 30-minute webinar on collaboration security, featuring our CISO, Chris Vaughn, and VP of Consulting, Alan Shen.

7.      Meeting Security and Governance Requirements with Microsoft Teams

A hands-on lab dedicated to the security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Teams will help give in-depth experience to those looking to how to apply policies to Office 365 groups to support governance needs, protect data, tackle DLP for chats and channel conversations, and more.

Here are the Top 8 Microsoft Teams Governance Issues to consider before beginning a deployment.

8.      Security and Compliance in Microsoft Teams

If you can’t tell, Unify Square is serious about collaboration security. Which is why we’re closely watching several different Microsoft Ignite 2019 sessions to make sure we’re highlighting all the various best practices and newest features. This 45-minute breakout session will cover how to create policies to secure your information and protect company data with a customer showcase.

9.      Optimizing Coexistence on Your Path to Teams

This session will help you navigate the transition period between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. It will include scenario-based considerations to help you decide which model is best for you.

10.  Manage App Lifecycle with Microsoft Teams Admin Tools

Application management is tricky for workstream collaboration platforms. Not every platform has the same apps, not every app asks for the same amount of permissions, and not every user wants to use the same apps. This session covers how to enable and manage productivity workflows using apps in Teams, how to manage the tenant app catalog, user app policies, and the app approval process.

Here’s some food for thought on how to approach app management for Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook.

11.  Managing Your Microsoft Voice Environment

Many enterprises are keeping tabs on Microsoft Teams Voice capabilities. Those who use Skype for Business have spent the past eight years navigating the complex world of voice and conferencing as SfB matured. It’s no surprise that many enterprises are wondering if Microsoft Teams Voice is enterprise-ready only a few years into the workstream collaboration platform’s life.

This 45-minute session features the Microsoft team discussing how to manage all aspects of voice deployments through the new Teams Admin portal.

12.  Top Five Things You Need to Know to Optimize Your Network for Microsoft Teams

If you’re not using third-party software like PowerSuite to monitor and maintain your workstream collaboration platform deployments, then this session will be critical to help you avoid pitfalls that will wreak havoc on your end-user experience. Learn to optimize internal and external networks for high-quality communications.

Can’t wait until Microsoft Ignite 2019 to get a handle on your network? Or maybe you just don’t have enough time to dedicate to making sure your network is operating as it should all the time? Check out how our Network Monitoring Consulting Services.

Will We See You at Microsoft Ignite 2019?

If you’re headed to Microsoft Ignite, make sure to stop by booth #2335 for a look at how PowerSuite can help with not only your Microsoft Teams deployments, but your entire multi-platform strategy – including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Workplace by Facebook. We’ll also be discussing workplace analytics and collaboration security. You can contact us to schedule a demo, or just stop by.

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