The Truth about UC in the Cloud

Written by: Unify Square

In a recent article published by Network World, entitled “UC in the Cloud – Panacea or placebo?,” Alan Shen, Unify Square Vice President, Professional Services, explains that UC in the cloud, though a rapidly growing movement, is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving an optimal UC end state.

There are many benefits of UC in the cloud, including reduced UC costs, accelerated provisioning, simplified usage and adoption, increased collaboration with other applications, and improved UC for the remote worker. However, simply putting UC in the cloud does not ensure a functional and available enterprise communications platform that end users will adopt. There are many facets of infrastructure that IT departments should consider in order to build a thriving UC environment—all the while, end users expect a seamless communications experience. A holistic, end-to-end UC solution needs to be in place, and where it resides is only one part of that equation.

In fact, there are additional complexities to consider when the cloud enters the equation. IT must provision network bandwidth and make sure the right settings are in place to prioritize voice traffic; existing UC infrastructure must be decommissioned; and data security and regulatory compliance complexities need to be addressed.

A UC transformation is a complex undertaking no matter where the user account is homed. It takes more than just the cloud to have a successful UC environment, but if you plan accordingly, the forecast for UC in the cloud is bright with clear skies ahead.

Check out the full article on Network World by clicking here. For more information on Unify Square’s Skype for Business cloud services, visit our website.

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