UC and Collaboration (UCC) Platform Management Best Practices

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Nemertes Data has shown that Unify Square customers spend the lowest on their OpEx.

Specialty management tools are a key player in lower UCC OpEx costs. While using Unify Square, companies with more than 1,000 UCC licenses spend the least, a decrease $375 per license, annually.

Projected UCC Budget Change:

  • 4% of companies plan to increase UCC spending.
  • It is important to support new work from home initiatives.
  • >50% of the spending increase is going toward video meeting apps.

Annual Operational Cost, by Architecture

  • With a less than 1K license, UCaaS turns out a significantly lower cost at $1,830.
  • A 1,000+ license, an on-premises license is the least at $546 annually.

In summary, adding specialty management tools to your company’s UCC platforms is valuable for lowering operating expenses; especially when research shows an increase in UCC spending to support new WFH initiatives.

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