UCC ROI for Consumer Packaged Goods

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A Tale of Two Global Powerhouses and their PowerSuite ROI.

What do two of the top five global CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies have in common? The answer: They are both standardized on Microsoft’s Skype for Business (SfB) as their UCC (unified communications and collaboration) system of choice,  and they are both happy Unify Square PowerSuite customers.

We’ve recently published these new case studies on our website. Both of these organizations are long-time Unify Square customers. We’ve delayed publishing the case studies up until now, so that we could tell a better ‘before’ and ‘after’ story AND because we had hoped to be able to use the actual company names and logos of these customers on the case studies.  We were successful in telling the before and after, but the intricacies of corporate legal and marketing policies foiled us with the branding attempts. But no matter — it’s not very hard to intuit which companies we’re writing about. If you’re interested, we’re happy to connect you with them directly so that they can tell you their stories in a 1-on-1 forum.

PowerSuiteTM Delivers Results

Both of these CPG powerhouse customers have a different starting point for their Skype for Business journey. However, after we began working with them, their current (but not yet endpoint) status is, relatively speaking, the same. We’ve helped them greatly accelerate their end-user satisfaction, and drive down their poor call quality. In the case of the UK-headquartered company, they are a major Skype for Business conferencing user and the White Glove Services capability in PowerSuite Enterprise Pro Edition has been instrumental in helping their IT team to successfully wean the company off of their legacy conferencing system.

In the case of the Swiss-headquartered company, we’ve used our Cloud Managed Services incorporated in PowerSuite Premium Edition to stabilize their SfB conference service, while at the same time leveraging our STA (Site Transformation Accelerator) service to assist them in their site by site, subsidiary by subsidiary migration to SfB enterprise voice.

Want to dig into one or both of these case studies to gain a better understanding of how they have benefited from their subscriptions to PowerSuite  —- just click here.

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