White Glove Services: An Easy Solution to UC

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An easy solution to your UC White Knuckle Ride.

Given the 20+ year legacy of the UC (unified communications) industry, odds are that many enterprises have finally built a level of comfort and familiarity for operating these multi-tentacled and often unpredictable systems.  But let’s just suppose that the ever-changing landscape of UC is still taking you and your end-users on a white knuckle ride.  Is there a solution which doesn’t break the bank and which leverages the UC expertise which you already have on staff?  The easy answer is YES.  You can wave the white flag and trade in your white knuckles for a pair of white gloves.  Here’s how White Glove services works.

In the technology hacker culture, a “White Hat” is someone who hacks protectively by drawing attention to vulnerabilities in computer systems that require attention or repair.  Here at Unify Square, we’ve taken this white hat metaphor, and applied it to the maintenance of Skype for Business deployments as our “White Glove Services”. You can think of our White Glove services as the way-station between a DIY (do it yourself) experience (using our PowerSuite software for Skype for Business monitoring to manage your Microsoft Intelligent Communications platform environment) AND a full “hand-over the keys” and have us do it all for you experience.

PowerSuiteTM White Glove Services

Oftentimes in the technology world, IT is forced to decide between either buying and running software on their own, or signing up for a full managed service.  Our White Glove services allows for a middle ground approach which is not only more cost effective, but which creates a “learn by doing” training opportunity.  What is more, the Unify Square White Glove services allow for simultaneous training on two great platforms.  Our expert UC personnel will provide advice and best practices relating to not just Skype for Business, but also PowerSuite. We’ve recently launched a new PowerSuite managed service that focuses in on maintenance and best practices for how to use Microsoft Teams.

The real power of White Glove services comes into play with the Operations Reviews.  These are recurring conference call sessions led by Unify Square PowerSuite experts who have analyzed a week’s worth of your PowerSuite telemetry. Our experts provide your team with a user-friendly way of consuming analytics and we use the calls to provide customized data-driven continuous service improvement recommendations. Armed with this information you can then decide how you will choose to continue to tune your Skype for Business or Teams environment.

Want to view a short video which provides more detail regarding the details of our White Glove services? —- just click below:

White Glove services is available as a core part of our PowerSuite Enterprise Pro package and countless customers have benefited from the hours of advice and guidance provided.  Over time this service has proven to reduce poor call percentages, significantly increase service availability, and user satisfaction with Skype for Business.  No enterprise can afford to let their UC system turn into a white elephant.  Allow Unify Square to be your white knight by bringing 10+ years of experience and expertise to bear with White Glove services.

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To view other Unify Square demo videos and informational videos please consult our UC Library HERE.


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