Unify Square Expands Beyond Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

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The Collaboration Management and Security Suite, PowerSuite™, Now Supports Slack, Zoom, and Workplace from Facebook

In our pursuit to continue to enable outstanding experiences for enterprise meetings, chats, and calls, we announced today that Unify Square will move beyond “just” our previous Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business focus, and will additionally include dedicated support for Zoom, Slack, Workplace from Facebook, and Office 365 in the coming months. With the ongoing growth of enterprise collaboration in the digital workplace, it’s become clear that many of the world’s biggest companies have chosen to invest in multiple platforms, operating in a hybrid state for the foreseeable future.

This multiple platform strategy creates potential fragmented communications, data sharing, and governance models and leaves businesses at risk for security exposure forcing IT to make trade-offs between the needs of the end user and larger business considerations. With the expansion of our 3 core business offerings – PowerSuite software, PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services, and our Signature Consulting Services, we are taking an integrated approach to platform monitoring, troubleshooting, end-user experience issues, and governance to give enterprise IT teams the tools they need to effectively, efficiently, and holistically manage collaboration.

PowerSuite Start provides Actionable Insights and Analytics for Zoom. Summary Reports for FREE.

PowerSuite: Collaboration Management & Security Suite

powersuite solution set

Because today’s collaboration and communications environments are complex, and knowing that most companies do not operate a single platform, IT requires tools that can monitor, analyze and then quickly aggregate, simplify and deliver visibility and actionable insights. With this announcement, PowerSuite becomes the first enterprise IT management solution to comprehensively address these needs for meetings, chats, videos, and calls with a single, cross-platform tool.

PowerSuite leverages advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and proprietary clustering algorithms to enable data mining for fast on-demand visibility into all platform environments regardless of the data set size.

Our PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services and Signature Consulting Services have also grown in scope and scale by virtue of the expanded focus on additional workstream collaboration and communication platforms.

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Take the first steps towards securing your workplace collaboration platform to give you peace of mind with information security in tact.

A Helping Hand: PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services

get a helping hand from unify square

In addition to PowerSuite software, our PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services now also offer additional value to IT departments through the inclusion of additional platforms. First and foremost, with Cloud Managed Services, we are championing new 24x7x365 administration and maintenance managed services for Office 365 – particularly focusing on managing Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive workloads for the enterprise.

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services have grown exponentially in the last 2 years while focusing on only Microsoft Skype for Business platform environments. Recently we have identified a unique market need to assist IT with managing not only Microsoft Teams and Zoom communications environments but also Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workplace from Facebook collaboration environments. On the more traditional UC side, Microsoft Teams phone system in the cloud brings with it a host of new voice quality, provisioning and availability issues which our Operations Engineers will tackle on behalf of IT. On the emerging collaboration side, IT is just beginning to understand some of the undiscovered truths regarding the complexities of chat and document security exposure, workspace guest access and channel sprawl. The IT mission is to offer their business users a productive, frictionless, easy and secure set of ever-improving experiences for meetings, chats, and calls – PowerSuite’s newly expanded Cloud Managed services for Slack, Teams, and Workplace will own this mission on behalf of IT. Our Cloud Managed Services are your collaboration and communications management assistant – delivering reliable user experiences, eliminating user complaints, and ensuring end-to-end quality and reliability.

Add Unify Square to Your Team with Signature Consulting Services

With the rapid emergence of workstream collaboration platforms, the expectations for associated gains in productivity and always-on reliability have dramatically increased. Yet IT teams find themselves with added responsibilities for planning, deploying, and maintaining a multi-faceted stack of collaboration and communications platforms. The new skills required to properly architect, deploy, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot these systems may not be fully developed within every IT team.

Our certified consultants can help enable outstanding experiences for enterprise meetings, chats, and calls by giving you the technical expertise to establish and optimize – regardless of which workstream collaboration and unified communications platforms your team uses.

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