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As we closed out 2014, we looked across the PowerMon network and gathered some interesting statistics that you may not know about our solution…

800,000+ – the number of synthetic transactions PowerMon runs EVERY MONTH.

PowerMon runs tests from data centers around the world to continually test conferencing, voice calling capabilities and Lync connectivity to ensure end-to-end service availability.

1,000,000 – the number of unique Incidents that PowerMon detected in 2014.

Top failures includes detection of the Edge Server Not Accessible, Service on Edge Server Down, Edge Server Not Getting a Response from the Front End Server, Failure to Establish PSTN Call, Conference Host Failed to Schedule Conference and a Variety of Errors with PSTN Gateways.

3 – The Average Number of MAJOR INCIDENTS PowerMon Detects per Customer per Month.

PowerMon detects and validates major Incidents within a few minutes of their occurrence (and in most cases, before a single trouble ticket has been submitted by and end-user). PowerMon triggers alerts and provides initial guidance through the web-based dashboard to enable first responders to quickly find a path to resolution.

10 – The Average Number of SIGNIFICANT INCIDENTS PowerMon Detects per Customer per Month.

Incidents causing a cumulative outage of 60 minutes or more each month typically go unseen since they are intermittent or impact a small number of end-users. The insight into these Incidents enables IT teams to prioritize and continually improve the overall health of the Lync environment.


About Unify Square PowerMon
Unify Square PowerMon is a cloud-based end-to-end monitoring solution for Microsoft Lync that simulates user actions and proactively detects problems and incidents. PowerMon enables IT organizations to quickly identify trouble, prioritize actions based upon end-user impact and reduce time to resolution with root cause analysis and expert guidance. For more information, demonstrations or to trial Unify Square PowerMon, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

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