Unify Square PowerSat Wins Lync Pioneer Award!

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Hey look at us! Unify Square PowerSat was just recognized as a 2014 Internet Telephony Lync Pioneer Award Winner. According to the award, “The 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Lync Pioneer Award honors companies enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage the Microsoft Lync platform to create enhanced communications and collaboration experiences for their users.”

Unify Square PowerSat is definitely a Pioneer in bringing a unique interactive survey feature directly to the Lync IM client. With PowerSat companies can survey users as quickly and easily as having a quick chat. It takes just a few seconds. No need to open a web browser and go through a long survey.

PowerSat has built in features to respect the user’s presence, randomize the sample and obtain enough responses to ensure a statistically relevant result. PowerSat enables companies to create long running end-user satisfaction surveys based upon the Microsoft derived NSAT methodology or one-time surveys that can ask multiple questions.

Using IM as the delivery mechanism for surveys can really change the way companies get feedback from users on everything from their Lync deployment to their latest IT projects. The results speak for themselves with 40% to 80% response rates (more than 50% better than typical web surveys). The data provided by PowerSat can help fuel decisions and point the IT team to areas for improvement.

PowerSat increases the collaboration between IT and their end-users because now IT can get a real time pulse of what the users really think about the service from IT so IT can take the right actions. Giving both IT and end-users a connection they haven’t had before.

Unify Square PowerSat is a Qualified Lync application, a certification program designed to help ensure that applications meet customer expectations. Qualification requires third-party testing that is designed with enterprise-class industry standards, covering performance, reliability and SKD/API utilization.

Contact us for more information on Unify Square PowerSat and set up a trial for your organization.


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