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You’ve made the investment in Skype for Business, but you can’t stop there. In order to achieve your maximum UC ROI and correctly drive accountability within the organization, Skype for Business reporting is invaluable. Measuring active usage and adoption over time for all the different Skype for Business modalities versus your plan should be a regular key checkpoint for the UC service owner. This is a crucial measuring stick to transformation success to see how Skype for Business is being used in your environment. To help you deliver on your adoption goals, we are excited to introduce you to the latest enhancement to the PowerSuiteTM solution mix, the Usage & Adoption Dashboard, which we quietly rolled out back in July.

PowerSuite Adds a New Solution
The Usage & Adoption Dashboard joins our PowerSuite solution mix, an integrated Skype for Business operations solutions suite which includes five key solution categories critical to Skype for Business success: monitoring, analytics, provisioning, reporting, and user experience. PowerSuite delivers a Skype for Business solution with unrivaled performance, innovative automation and smarter analytics. The net result is happy and productive end users and efficiently run Skype for Business operations at global scale, whether you run Skype for Business on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario.

What is the Usage & Adoption Dashboard?
The Usage & Adoption Dashboard provides a unique and aggregated Skype for Business user experience visual angle on user types (internal, external, or federated), Skype for Business modality usage (audio, video, application sharing, Data sharing, IM sessions), and client usage (desktop, Mac, iOS, Room Edition, etc.). IT can strategically use this data to correlate with overall Skype for Business roll-out goals as well as service availability issues.

Usage and Adoption Dashboard - Audio Calls

Specifically, the Usage & Adoption dashboard provides a view of the overall usage of your organization’s Skype for Business environment, measuring counts of calls by different categories. The screenshots in this post highlight how you can select and easily filter calls made by the different aforementioned media types, user types (which among other things makes it easier to track different remote worker scenarios), and client types. Using the information within the Usage and Adoption dashboard it is possible to obtain a set of detailed insights into the adoption of Skype for Business by your organization, track trends over time, and view an overall picture of Skype for Business usage within your organization.

Usage and Adoption Dashboard - Video

Usage and Adoption Dashboard - Apps

Skype for Business Reporting Solutions
The PowerSuite Usage & Adoption Dashboard solution is part of Unify Square’s Skype for Business Reporting solution mix. The Executive Dashboard solution provides actionable intelligence for UC planning and resourcing. It allows decision makers to track the crucial data needed to assess user adoption and target overall areas for improvement. Troubleshooting a Skype for Business problem can be complicated. To simplify the puzzle consider our Operations Dashboard solution as your next-gen troubleshooting prioritization guide. Rather than forcing the SfB engineer to wade through reams of reports and trouble tickets, this single dashboard analyzes all factors that could be affecting SfB media quality and leverages our patented UC-CoreTM algorithms to identify the top problem areas, from outdated WiFi drivers or client versions to incorrect protocol usage, to inconsistent wireless internal to server communications. The resulting telemetry and insights guide IT through the best way to keep your SfB system running strong.

Rounding out the solution set is Unify Square’s Billing Records solution. Mapping usage-based allocation of Skype for Business call details back to the responsible business units and departments can be a core accounting requirement, especially in larger businesses. Our Billing Records solution is a foundational SfB answer to simplify call accounting and cost allocation. This solution allows IT to easily monitor call activity, identify which SfB costs should be billed to which department or employee, and review details such as call counts and durations.

The Key to Skype for Business Success – End User Satisfaction
It is no secret that end users hold the key to Skype for Business success. The success or failure of a UC deployment, more than any other IT project, ultimately rests squarely on the shoulders of the end users. If users don’t like the UC technology, they will find another way to communicate, and the project’s ROI could be put in jeopardy. The Usage & Adoption Dashboard shines light on the truth behind your Skype for Business uptake.

Cloud Coming Soon
Newly announced and demoed last week at the Microsoft Ignite conference we also showcased how we will be adding (by early 2017) ‘cloud-ready’ functionality to the Usage & Adoption dashboard, as well as a number of other PowerSuite solutions. You can have a peek at this demo by visiting our YouTube channel.

Available Now
The PowerSuite Usage & Adoption Dashboard is currently available to all PowerSuite customers. If you have further questions about this new solution and would like to see a demo to figure out how it might work for you, please contact us for a personalized presentation.

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