Unify Square PowerView Improves Big Data Analytics Cube for Microsoft Lync Resulting in Increased Accuracy of Voice Quality, Utilization & User Adoption Insight

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The Unify Square PowerView development team has released service pack 1 for version 5.0. Unify Square PowerView is a big data analytics solution for Microsoft Lync enabling companies to visualize their Lync data to make smarter strategic decisions and more effective tactical interventions. This maintenance release also includes important enhancements that improve accuracy of information and additional details on individual call records.

The new capabilities in Unify Square PowerView 5.0 service pack 1 include:

Eliminating synthetic calls from the data – Calls can be ignored by the analytics engine based upon a SIP URI or a specific client version. This reduces the likelihood that automated calls such as synthetic transactions will skew the data and the results. The removal of these special call types can be performed on both the Gateway-Mediation Server and the Mediation Server-Unified Communication legs of the calls from QoE. By removing the calls associated with automated processes and applications, the insights provided by PowerView more accurately reflect the user experience.

Improved accuracy of Gateway to Mediation server transaction segments – PowerView can now remove the gateway to mediation server segments from the Lync analytics to ensure that synthetic transactions don’t skew the analytics using the QoE and CDR data.

Show Detail option in Voice Quality series of reports – This new feature allows for viewing of individual call details within the voice quality reporting. Call details available include networking metrics such as: Round Trip, Packet Loss rate, [NMOS] Degradation Average. It also includes a range of types of data including device used, internal versus external and wireless. The addition of the detail option enabled administrators to drill down all the way to an individual call record.

The Unify Square PowerView 5.0 service pack 1 update is now available for customers. Please contact your account executive for additional information.

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