Unify Square Rapid 2017 Growth

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Big Changes in 2017 Growth 

June brought big change and great excitement to Unify Square with the appointment of John Case as CEO.  One of John’s immediate priorities was the sourcing of a new and experienced sales leader.  It took until early fall to find the correct blend of enterprise experience and technical acumen, but it was worth the wait for the perfect candidate.  Joel Raper  started two weeks ago and we formally announced Joel’s appointment last week.

Joel joins Unify Square as Vice President of Worldwide Sales running both the customer and partner sales groups.  Joel brings over 20 years’ worth of experience balancing his solid technical background with his sales and business development skills.  Most recently he worked as Vice President of Global Channels at Avanade where he started and grew its channel business around consulting, managed services and service integration.

In addition to new sales leadership, John also needed to act quickly to on-board more developer talent. Unify Square has big plans for growth which revolve in part around an extensive product roadmap of new PowerSuite features and functionality for both Skype for Business (on-prem), as well as Microsoft Teams (online).  Our search for development talent spanned the globe and when the dust settled we determined that Vilnius, Lithuania offered the best cost/value blend offering a huge source of young and well-trained engineers. By the way, this was the birthplace of the original consumer version of Skype, just saying!

Our HR and real estate teams have been partnering to hire technical talent as well as to accelerate the opening of our new office in Vilnius.  Last week we formally announced  that we are in the process of setting up our eighth office.  The office will continue our focus on Azure-based SaaS software development and we have plans to add more than 20 product engineers in the next year.

New sales leadership and a new development office — keep following this space to see what we may announce next!


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