IT Professionals Rate Unify Square Highest in UC Management

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Unify Square Receives Highest Customer Ratings

Unify Square Top Rated in UC Management

Unify Square has received the highest overall rating for both Performance Management and Administrative Management in the UC management space by participants in Nemertes’ 2020-21 Cost-Benefit Analysis: Workplace Collaboration study.

Nemertes’ Performance Management category covers third-party UC management tools aimed at improving and measuring platform quality, separate from native administration consoles. Unify Square received an overall rating of 3.58 out of 4.00. Administrative Management includes third-party tools that handle operations functions, such as configuration, event, and address management. Here, Unify Square received  3.42 out of 4.00.

In both technology categories, Unify Square’s overall average score was the highest compared to other third-party specialty vendors. Nemertes asked companies to rate their providers in the following categories, where 4 is excellent, 3 is good, 2 is just OK, and 1 is poor:

  • Technical features of tools
  • Response time to problems/questions
  • Reliability of tools
  • Account team performance
  • Ability to deliver innovative offerings
  • Ability to assist with digital transformation initiatives

The Nemertes study also found that those who use Unify Square spent, on average, $331 per license on annual operational costs—the lowest compared to those who used other performance management providers. The average annual UC operational cost among all companies using third-party specialists is $1,196.

Most-Widely Used UC Performance Management Providers Among Success Groups

Nemertes also identified a success group, organizations that realized measurable business benefits of workplace collaboration from productivity gains to reduced travel needs. These high-performing organizations followed a different set of best practices than their peers.

One area where Nemertes identified a significant difference between the success group and the rest was in UC management tools. Successful companies invested significantly more in third-party performance and administration tools than those not in the success group. They also managed the performance of 46% more applications and the administration of 29% more applications using the specialty tools.

This underscores the value of multiplatform tools, such as PowerSuite. In fact, Unify Square was one of the most-used performance management providers by those in the success group.

Continued Excellence in UC Management and Beyond

Unify Square Rated Highest in UC Management

With the transition to cloud-based communications, the UC landscape is rapidly evolving. Organizational needs are changing, from monitoring on-premises infrastructure to ensuring last-mile call quality. The introduction of workstream collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack has also caused a paradigm shift. New support needs around collaboration security and workplace analytics have emerged. This is why it is critical to have a provider dedicated to pursuing leading-edge technology.

Unify Square’s Commitment to Outstanding Quality

Unify Square is honored to be rated number one in UC Management for both Performance Management and Administrative Management by participants in the Nemertes study. These high ratings reflect our commitment to enabling outstanding meetings and collaboration experiences. We’re delighted that customers appreciate our continued innovation and top-quality UC management software and services.

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Unify Square’s Commitment to the Highest ROI

Furthermore, Unify Square is committed to providing the highest ROI in the UC management space. As identified in the study, using specialty tools like PowerSuite led to significantly lower operational expenses per collaboration license ($331 per license), even when compared to no-cost out-of-the-box options. Specialty tools result in an average per managed license cost of $933, with platform-provided tools coming in at $1303. These points underscore the continued commitment of Unify Square in providing the highest return on investments, beating out the competition among third party-tools for UC Management, even with a shift to cloud-based communications.

Unify Square continues to innovate in its delivery of UC management software and services to monitor, analyze, and secure the top communications and collaboration platforms. This innovation has been recognized many times, with Gartner naming Unify Square as a Cool Vendor and more recently, as a leading UCaaS Monitoring vendor. Our industry-leading PowerSuite software surfaces actionable insights for rapid problem resolution across multiple platforms. Our Insights Center dashboard is a customer favorite. It provides a prioritized to-do list, highlighting issues with the highest impact on end-users. Beyond necessary problem prioritization, Insights Center also uses advanced AI to discover system anomalies, before they reach the stage of wreaking havoc on end-users. Increase IT efficiency with PowerSuite.

About the Study

Nemertes, a global research-based advisory and consulting firm, surveyed more than 500 organizations across all major industry verticals. The objective of the study was to discover best practices for workplace collaboration. The study covered communications and collaboration, as well as enabling technology such as UC management tools.

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