Unify Square’s PowerProv Wins the TMC Labs UC Innovation Award

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PowerProv is one of Unify Square’s most recent product innovations and now there’s an award to prove its Skype for Business administrative power.

We heard from many of our customers that keeping up with the administrative management tasks for Skype for Business is really something that burdens IT Helpdesks and has large potential for human error. Not only are many tasks time-bound, such as setting up new users or changing DIDs for users who travel, but it’s also country-bound in that different UC policies apply to users and sometimes those polices change or only impact certain types of calls. “It’s enough of an impact that automating these Skype for Business tasks is the only way to go,” notes Arun Raghavan, VP Product Development at Unify Square, “There is real, tangible ROI associated with these administrative tasks.” And by ROI, Raghavan references a scenario we learned from one of our Fortune 100 clients where at $22 a first level support ticket, the company of 150k employees experienced roughly 40,000 add, delete, change tickets for its Lync users per year….that’s $880,000 for Skype for Business/Lync management only! And this is where PowerProv solves the day-to-day administrative tasks – by automating a majority of user requests.

But don’t just take our word for it; see what the award reviewers had to say about Unify Square’s PowerProv…

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