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Unisys & ISG Fireside Chat: From “Help Me” to Engaged

The hybrid workforce is here to stay. And the realities of 2020 and 2021 have elevated the importance of the employee experience for your entire workforce. Your employees just want to work hassle-free and to manage their time flexibly – they just want life and work, to work.

Evan Kirstel, eViRaHealth; Weston Morris, Unisys; and Iain Fisher, ISG, welcome special guest Alan Shen, CTO of Unify Square, in this second installment of Fireside Chat to discuss hybrid work, the future of work, and all things collaboration.

The panel reviews how organizations like yours can effectively:

  • Rethink how productivity and connectivity are managed in a hybrid workplace and enabled across a hybrid workforce
  • Incorporate real-time sentiment analysis, fully integrated AI, proactive problem detection with automated resolution
  • Take steps along the path to employee experience parity by not only helping and supporting but also engaging employee’s productivity

Unisys & ISG: From “Help Me” to Engaged Productivity – Second Fireside Chat from Unisys Corp on Vimeo.

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