How to Track User Experience with Skype for Business Reporting

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Skype for Business Reporting Key to Success

The challenge of monitoring and trying to stay ahead of Skype for Business call quality issues relating to key executives and VIPs has never been greater in today’s collaborative enterprise environments. Compounding this challenge is the requirement for IT to simultaneously deploy a hybrid Microsoft Teams set of pilots. Skype for Business reporting success is necessary for overall platform success. Because an effective Microsoft UC deployment involves more than a spotless roll-out and impeccable architecture, constant performance modeling and user experience monitoring are imperatives for business success.

Identifying bad experiences for various high-touch groups of users allows IT teams to quickly reach out and provide guidance or troubleshooting assistance for end users with consistent poor call experiences, but tools or solutions like this aren’t available from Microsoft itself.

Powerful Tracking Dashboard Allows IT to Get Ahead

The Tracking Dashboard, a new PowerSuite Skype for Business monitoring solution, is a direct response to current customer feedback as part of our product planning process. The solution can be used as either a proactive or a reactive troubleshooting mechanism. Using the PowerSuite Tracking Dashboard, IT can create custom groups of users (e.g. C-Suite VIP’s, or Sales Execs, or Constant Complainers) and then track the call and conferencing experiences of the individual users in these groups. The ability to shine a bespoke spotlight on key users allows IT to stay ahead of the troubleshooting process and nip potential user satisfaction issues in the bud.

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IT can track and assign a score to the UC user experience with Skype for Business reporting for a targeted set of users. The solution enables proactive troubleshooting to understand who on the call is creating the poor call experience, and provides guidance on how to quickly address and resolve any problems.

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Using the Tracking Dashboard IT can also view a breakdown of user experience by location, device, number of calls and conferences, as well as recent poor or bad experiences. IT can also see the most recent impact of calls and conferences for all of the users within the identified group. Additionally, it is possible to drill down and identify whether a specific issue is with the user being tracked, or if the issue has been created by non-tracked users. The Tracking Dashboard provides a single interface to watch all of the execs or groups, allowing IT support teams to be more efficient and proactive. The Tracking Dashboard can also be configured to have web hooks integration, enabling alerts to be sent to a Microsoft Teams channel or even an IT service management platform like Service Now. This means Skype for Business reporting success to improve the overall platform performance.

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