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Best Practices for Visualizing Your Unified Communications Usage and Adoption

It can be difficult to know and understand your return on investment for collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Skype for Business. Our usage and adoption solution works with your corporate data to provide unique visibility regarding how to maximize ROI through key usage metrics and targeted education. Join us as we guide you through how to track client usage, count, and various user-centric reporting.




This short video will focus on our PowerSuite usage and adoption solution. The usage and adoption dashboard is the primary workplace analytics focus area for IT to visualize key metrics regarding your organization’s active usage of different collaboration or UC platforms. Using these metrics, you can track high level ROI on the service, provide targeted communications, and continuing education follow-up to end users and surface user experience-centric reporting to senior management.

This particular demo highlights Slack, Teams, and Workplace by Facebook, but PowerSuite also supports Zoom and Skype for Business. Some of the many usage and adoption dashboard widgets, which can be utilized for PowerSuite workplace analytics visualizations, include posts and reply trends, active and unused channels, post engagement trends and reaction times, and workplace sprawl. With workplace analytics, it’s all about understanding how your slack or team’s investments are being utilized.

In our first example, we can look at the post and replies widget to track how our planned corporate migration away from Slack is trending. At the same time we can zero in on how the Workplace by Facebook post rate is low but notice that the reply rate and reciprocity is the highest of all platforms. Definitely something to understand better to see if the Facebook usage may offer some key best practices to apply to other platforms.

In our second example, the organization wants to improve use of video calls. In this case management has strongly recommended the use of video calls for all end users where appropriate. An initial glance at the conferences by modality widget would seem to indicate that video calls are being regularly utilized. Upon closer examination though when the audio media is added to the chart, it’s clear that video represents only a small percentage of the overall calling usage and that additional training and/or management initiatives are necessary to drive video usage.

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