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White Glove Services | PowerSuite™

Our experts analyze your telemetry and provide customized, data-driven, continuous service improvement recommendations. Armed with this information from our White Glove Services, you can then decide how to fine-tune your platforms.


This short video will focus on our PowerSuite White Glove services solution. You can think of our White Glove services as the weigh station between a do-it-yourself experience using our PowerSuite software to manage your Microsoft UC platform environment and a full hand over the keys and have us do it all for you experience. PowerSuite White Glove services are comprised of two key elements, reactive PowerSuite programming and weekly operations reviews. When you as an IT professional encounter new scenarios relating to your PowerSuite usage requiring software configuration updates, reactive programming comes into play. This portion of the service allows Unify Square personnel to step in and take care of additional configurations new monitoring rules etc. The real power of White Glove services however comes into play with the operations reviews. These are weekly recurring conference call sessions led by Unify Square PowerSuite experts who have analyzed a week’s worth of your PowerSuite telemetry. Our experts provide your team with a user-friendly way of consuming analytics and we use the calls to provide customized data-driven continuous service improvement recommendations. Armed with this information, you can then decide how you will choose to continue to tune your Skype for Business or Teams environment. The Operations Review call includes, but isn’t limited to, weekly analysis and summary comments listed in the PowerSuite service health solution for top pour call quality contributing sites subnets client versions users etc.

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