Workstream Collaboration Adoption and ROI Trends

Nemertes Data Highlights Team Collaboration Business Success Trends  

Workstream Collaboration

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Nemertes Data Highlights Team Collaboration Business Success Trends  

Workstream collaboration (referred to by Nemertes as team collaboration) apps are rapidly reshaping how individuals collaborate with their peers, both inside and outside of their organizations. Nemertes’ Workplace Collaboration: 2019-20 Research Study is based on data gathered from approximately 625 end-user organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The study reveals interesting WSC adoption and ROI Trends

WorkstreamCollaboration Adoption: 2017 -2020

Workstream collaboration application adoption rose from just 19.4% of participating companies to 33.7% in 2019, with another 30.1% planning to deploy by the end of 2020. Additionally, 14.6% are evaluating using team collaboration apps; just 11.5% have no plans for team collaboration applications within their organizations. It is clear that team collaboration apps represent the present and future of collaboration.

The value of Workstream Collaboration

Collaborative workspaces can potentially enable measurable success in the following ways:

  • Cost savings via shortening project lifecycles, improved work efficiency, and elimination of licensing costs for separate applications.
  • Revenue gains via increased sales, improved decision-making, and enhanced customer retention by offering a superior collaborative experience. In addition, the shortening of project lifecycles and improved collaboration enables greater capacity to take on more projects.
  • Efficiency gains via faster decision-making and centralized access to all aspects of a project, reducing time spent searching for information or the potential of not identifying relevant information necessary for effective project management.

Workstream Collaboration delivers these measurable benefits

  • 30% Average reduction in meetings
  • 24% Average productivity improvement
  • $161K Average cost reduction
  • $368K Average revenue increase
  • 20.5% Average reduction in emails

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