Workstream Collaboration Market Growth Infographic

WSC Market Growth Infographic

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This infographic represents the key points of research done by the Gartner Research Group about Workstream Collaboration Market Growth.

Rapid Workstream Collaboration Market Growth:

  • Gartner Research Group says that by year-end 2022. 70% of teams will rely on Workstream Collaboration as the primary means of communication and collaboration, displacing email.
  • According to the research, in 2016, end-user spending on workstream collaboration was estimated at $171 Million.
  • Gartner states that by 2021 spending will grow at a 96% compound annual growth rate. As a result, it will reach $4.931 Billion in opening opportunities for both emerging and established workstream collaboration vendors.
  • Moreover, the Gartner Group found that more than 70% of business users will be substantially provisioned with cloud office capabilities by 2021.
  • Future cloud unified communication offerings will be far ahead in terms of features, function, portals, analytics, and dashboards.
  • 90% of IT leaders will not purchase new premises-based unified communication infrastructure by 2021. Up from 50% today.
  • Workstream collaboration solution acquisitions are currently funded by lines of business. However, in the future, purchasing will shift primarily to CIO organizations.

Barriers and Complications to Workstream Collaboration:

  • The main barriers to workstream collaboration adoption according to the Gartner group include cost, unclear value proposition, and IT reluctance.
  • This infographic also highlights complications for Microsoft Teams including the scale of deployment & product dependencies, and management of office 365 Groups & Teams-generated content.
  • With Cloud Adoptions, IT operations no longer have the same access to infrastructure – creating gaps in visibility with the current monitoring.
  • The research says that IT operations are typically short on skills to monitor services deployed in the cloud and struggle to fill these gaps in their teams.
  • Gartner recommends implementing supplementary monitoring via technologies with digital experience monitoring in order to eliminate visibility gaps and maintain service availability.
  • In fact, fewer than 15% of organizations will implement holistic monitoring by 2021 risking $255 billion of investments in cloud-based solutions.

In summary, the workstream collaboration market is keep growing, which leads to many changes for users,  vendors and monitoring tools. In order to provide successful services, workstream collaboration vendors have to be aware of this significant growth and implement all changes if needed.

Note: This Infographic was created by Unify Square using data from the Gartner Research Group. if you are new to Unify Square, Gartner recently named us as a Cool Vendor to watch in the Unified Communications and Collaboration marketplace.  As the only vendor in the industry to offer Microsoft Teams software, consulting and managed services, we are motivated to continue to cater to consumers’ unique communication needs and improve user’s satisfaction. To learn more visit here.


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