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Is Your Slack, Teams or Workplace from Facebook Data at Risk?

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Best Practices for the Emerging Collaboration Security category

Workstream collaboration (WSC) applications such as Slack, Teams, and Workplace are the new communications default in a growing set of organizations worldwide.  The apps are sometimes on-boarded by IT, but more commonly brought in by enthusiastic end-user advocates. These WSC app platforms might be relatively simple for end-users to adopt, but the responsibility to monitor, vet, and secure the collaboration environment ultimately lands squarely on the shoulders of IT. Have you thought about if your workstream collaboration data is at risk?

+ 30 Minutes

+ Speaker: Alan Shen, VP of Consulting Services

What We’ll Cover

    • What is collaboration security?
    • Normal collaboration security risk exposure scenarios
    • Using IT governance to migrate risk
    • Using collaboration security tools to manage risk

Best Practices for
the Emerging Collaboration
Security category

Collaboration Security: Is Your Data at Risk?

Collaboration security is key to businesses using collaboration and communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Workplace by Facebook. Understanding the business utility vs the potential risk is key for IT and security teams to create informed, useful policies. Watch this webinar to learn more about collaboration security.

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