Zoomtopia 2019: Emerging Sessions We Can’t Wait to Attend

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Planning for Zoomtopia 2019

In just a few short weeks, the Zoom user conference, Zoomtopia, will kick off its third annual year in San Jose, California. Zoomtopia 2019 will take place on October 15th and 16th, and is jam-packed with over 70 content sessions. Start planning your Zoomtopia 2019 agenda now.

You’ll likely need to bring a full team with you to tackle all these sessions, but in case that’s not your game plan, we’ve compiled a list of sessions we’ll be tracking.

Zoomtopia 2019 Sessions to Watch:

Day 1:

Day one has 35 speaker sessions, not including any meetings, social events, or a walk through the Colony (what Zoomtopia calls the show floor). Below are six sessions (one per hour) that have caught our attention


  • The Conference Room Revolution: The Journey to Zoom from Cisco/Poly/Lifesize Endpoints
    What it’s about: This session will cover how enterprises are expanding their Zoom usage across all the multitude of meeting spaces and enterprise needs.
    Why we’re excited: In addition to getting another look at how enterprises are using Zoom, the focus of a discussion around how to use existing endpoint investments (Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, etc.) is obviously key to overall long-term ROI.
  • Happy End Users = Happy IT
    What it’s about: Providing a happy, frictionless end-user experience is no easy feat. This session will bring tips and tricks for IT teams. In this technical session with Zoom’s Head of Support, learn about tips and tricks for IT support to ensure a happy and frictionless end-user experience.
    Why we’re excited: The end-user experience is a big focus here at Unify Square. A happy end-user truly makes for a happier IT team, and in general, makes for better ROI when it comes to communication and collaboration ecosystems.
  • Zoom Rooms Dashboard: Best Practices for Reporting and Analytics
    What it’s about: Understanding the Zoom Room Dashboard.
    Why we’re excited: Reporting and analytics are kind of our jam. We’re intrigued to hear more about how an enterprise Zoom customer is using the existing dashboard to get things done.

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  • Deploying Zoom on a Global Scale
    What it’s about: Discovering how to effectively roll-out and utilize Zoom for global companies that span multiple continents and languages.
    Why we’re excited: Another session on deployment… we know, we know. But, more and more companies are enabling remote workers, contract workers, and global office locations. Deploying Zoom for just a few users in one location is simple — doing it globally at scale is quite complex and understanding how Zoom can aid in this workplace transition is important.
  • Simple Steps to Take your Zoom Rooms to the Next Level
    What it’s about: This session covers how to multi-share and streamline workflow with digital signage and scheduling displays, as well as increase collaboration with additional screens, and implement the new white-boarding feature
    Why we’re excited: User adoption is often an afterthought when it comes to unified communications platform deployments. We’re eager to hear Zoom address this from the get-go and see how they help encourage users to get on board with Zoom.
  • Introduction to Bring Your Own Carrier
    What it’s about: Did you know you can leverage your existing PSTN service providers with Zoom Phones domestically and virtually in any country?
    Why we’re excited: The Zoom Phone is something we’re watching closely. Why? Because it helps scale your Zoom deployments to give end-users a streamlined desktop and mobile client for phone calls, chat, and meetings.


zoomtopia discussion

Day 2

Day two trumps day one in content with a total of 36 sessions. Below are the six sessions (one per hour) that we’re monitoring.

  • Zoom Chat, Connecting Your Team with Workstream Collaboration
    What it’s about: This session covers how to make your organization more productive with Zoom Chat.
    Why we’re excited: Unified communications has had a serious makeover with the addition of collaboration, and we’re excited to see how Zoom plans to utilize Zoom Chat to bring collaboration to their platform. This session will also provide a look at their vision and roadmap for Zoom Chat so organizations can understand what, if any, additional communication platforms they might need.
  • Slack + Zoom: Putting Collaboration and People at Your Fingertips
    What it’s about: Learn how customers are leveraging Slack with Zoom for better team communications and streamlined workflows
    Why we’re excited: In April 2019, Slack and Zoom formally announced what was already a very well-acknowledged partnership. Given that Unify Square offers deep software, consulting and managed services support for both platforms, we’ve obviously been tracking their work together and are enthusiastic to know more about their future roadmap, features, and functionality together.
  • Zoom – Convincing your CISO
    What it’s about: Hear the top of mind topics for security professionals and how to get your CISO’s confidence in your Zoom deployment
    Why we’re excited: The Zoomtopia 2019 speakers include several prominent members of the Zoom management team – Brendan Ittelson and their Chief Information Security Officer, Richard Farley. Considering the recent Zoom security issue, it will be interesting to hear about the added focus that Zoom is applying to collaboration security.
  • Exploring the Zoom Administrative Experience
    What it’s about: Get a deep dive into the Zoom admin portal and learn more about the dashboard for the management for meetings
    Why we’re excited: PowerSuite’s ability to monitor and manage the Zoom platform is obviously the nirvana experience for IT, but at a nuts and bolts level the Zoom admin portal covers much of the normal day to day requirements for supporting Zoom. Everyone running Zoom should be very fluent with the admin tools.
  • Meetings of the Future
    What it’s about: A lively discussion about the future of meetings. Where will AI take us? What’s going to be new in rooms? What will be the role of virtual assistants? And more!
    Why we’re excited: We’re a big fan when it comes to the advantages of artificial intelligence for modern meetings, and we’re intrigued to see how Zoom will work to improve the meeting experience with new technology advancements like AI and virtual assistants.
  • Zoom for Microsoft Office 365
    What it’s about: This interactive session will address more about how Zoom blends with various Office 365 products. You will hear live from a top Zoom and Microsoft customer on how they deploy Zoom and Microsoft Office 365 in their organization.
    Why we’re excited: We’ve obviously been team Microsoft for many years, and we’re definitely on the Zoom bandwagon, so hearing Zoom’s vision for how the two will work together will be important for many of our new and existing customers who are currently trying to navigate the multiplatform reality.

If you have stumbled across our website for the first time, and aren’t sure what we do, then allow us to introduce ourselves and to welcome you to Unify Square. Our software & services optimize and enhance the world’s largest Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype for Business deployments. We are on a mission to enable outstanding experiences for meetings, chats, and calls for enterprise customers. We hope you enjoy this blog post.

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