Leveraging CDR for Skype for Business

Call detail records (CDRs) contain insightful metadata about telephone calls and SMS (text) messages for communications that pass through UC telephony systems. The metadata collected includes a variety of information about the call or text message, but does not contain the actual content of the communication. Some of the key information that CDRs commonly include are:

• Caller’s phone number
• Recipient’s phone number
• Date and time call was placed
• Whether or not the call was connected
• Whether the call was a voice call or a text message
• Duration of the call

CDR analysis is the act of analyzing that metadata, usually through the use of CDR software. The goal of this analysis is to monitor and manage performance, capacity, and cost and ultimately, ensure a long running and healthy UC system.

When it comes to managing performance, for example relating to Skype reporting or in the future Teams reporting, in a call center scenario an organization can use CDR analysis, to review call patterns, see how long it takes for individuals or departments to answer incoming calls, and how long it takes to resolve those calls. Armed with this information, managers can then determine whether Service Level Agreements are being met, and can use this data to manage employee performance.

With respect to capacity management, using CDR software, an organization can determine if and where its phone system is over- or under-utilized. This type of CDR analysis can help management troubleshoot and pinpoint where additional capacity is needed and where capacity can be reduced to achieve cost savings.

Furthermore, when it comes to managing costs, CDR analysis also lets managers break down telephony costs in a variety of ways, from looking at the cost of calls made by a particular extension or department, to the overall cost of trunk lines, to the cost of carrying unused extensions.

Overall, conducting an analysis of a company’s call data records is a vital part of Skype for Business and/or Teams reporting, used to analyze an organization’s telephony usage and resources. Unify Square’s PowerSuiteTM leverages not only CDR data, but also data from QoE and SDN records outputted by Skype for Business to provide global visibility into the UC environment, enabling organizations to track and troubleshoot service availability and call quality for Skype for Business.

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