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Cloud Transformation Services

Unify Square’s Cloud Transformation Services were developed specifically to guide companies on all things Teams. Our experts will help you wade through the many choices to evaluate, design, and implement the best UC cloud solution based on your current situation and whether a full cloud implementation. hybrid cloud solution or a managed unified communications solution is appropriate for your business.

Office 365 Cloud Transformation ServiceTM

Our Office 365 Transformation Service provides guidance on hybrid cloud UC solutions, including: Analysis of business case, licensing, and features; Office 365 cloud migration; WAN/WiFi readiness; hybrid infrastructure planning and setup; hybrid dial-plan setup and migration; decommissioning and re-provisioning hardware; Teams deployment; onboarding; and user adoption. We also help develop strategy and architecture for integrating with Skype Broadcast, PSTN Conferencing, and Cloud PBX services.

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UC Network Assessment Service

Transforming your UC to the cloud may fundamentally change the flows, patterns and availability of your network. As part of your overall cloud readiness assessment, this service will conduct a one-time WAN and WiFi network assessment for hybrid and cloud environments. The resulting report and findings can then be utilized to implement a plan which will ensure the uptime and performance of Teams. In partnership with Kollective, this service will also offer an option for a Network Readiness test for Skype Meeting Broadcast media streaming.

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Business Cloud PBX/CCE Pilot Service

Oftentimes when trying something new, the first steps are the most challenging. This pilot service helps enterprises test small hybrid and cloud PBX implementations. The service will help define the pilot goals, implement the pilot and then analyze the results, all with an end goal of increasing the overall enterprise transformation velocity from on-premise to hybrid to an eventual full-scale Teams implementation. The service will also integrate, as needed, the Microsoft CCE (Cloud Connector Edition) for enterprises who have not yet implemented Skype for Business on premises.

Video RightTrack

The combination of the popularity of our standard UC RightTrackTM service, combined with the growing demand for and complexity of enterprise video systems has helped to evolve this video-specific version of RightTrack. This service specifically targets helping enterprises migrate and/or onboard video for use in hybrid and cloud environments with Teams. The service will focus on bandwidth planning, video integration, user adoption for personal desktops, conference rooms, executives and even assist with the new Skype Broadcast service.

Teams User Adoption Service

Just because your Teams service may be hosted in the cloud, doesn’t mean that all of the same end-user oriented issues regarding headset and IP Phone selection, training and device configuration won’t still apply. This service is the cloud-centric corollary to our current on-premise service of the same name. The service applies user adoption best practices to ensure high end user satisfaction and productivity for Teams deployments.

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Teams Migration Service

Whether you’re moving from a non-Skype for Business traditional PBX to the cloud OR from a full on-premise Skype for Business configuration, the switch to the cloud still involves lots of moving parts. This service specifically targets the transformation from on-premise to cloud-based Teams deployments. The offering assesses and provides solutions for administration, service delivery management, incident management, voice quality and service availability monitoring, user provisioning and migration and user satisfaction monitoring.

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Unsure how or even when to move your organization’s UC solution to the cloud? Let us craft the best Teams cloud solution for you.

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