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How to Create a Digital Workplace Governance Program

Check out Brandon Long’s article in Security Boulevard to learn how to create an excellent digital workplace governance program. Efficient governance program creation addresses three factors: digital workplace creation, periodic review and attestation of the digital workplace, and record retention. Click below to read more.


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Prolonging Pandemic-Fueled Growth Through UC Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions hit a global all-time high in the first nine months of 2021, producing deals worth an unprecedented $4.33 trillion, according to Refinitiv data. Acquisitions of smaller companies allow leading UCSaaS providers to expand into different industries and gain new service offerings without a substantial investment of in-house development resources. However, acquisitions don’t always lead to positive outcomes for the end user. This article will review recent UC acquisitions and dive into their pros and cons. 

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Unified Communications Tools Complicate Security Picture

Security measures related to unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) have made it harder for employees to do their jobs, even as companies are increasing the number of restrictions or security policies for using UC&C apps since the beginning of the pandemic.

These were among the results of Unify Square’s Status Report: Workplace Collaboration 2021 survey, which also revealed a lack of cybersecurity threat awareness is contributing to the trend of employees bypassing their IT departments.


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Evolving UC Management in the Age of Cloud

While headset management apps including Jabra Direct, Logi Tune, Poly Lens, and Sennheiser Smart Control have been around for a few years, the applications are rapidly evolving to support video and additional audio endpoints. In many cases, these apps integrate with UC management platforms from vendors, including Integrated Research, Nectar, Unify Square, and Virsae. Endpoint management apps provide consistent configuration management, inventory control, firmware and software updates. These apps also present a rapid identification of devices that are experiencing problems or have gone off-line, even when devices get deployed to remote employees.

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8 Effective Ways Leaders Can Motivate Team Members And User Communities With Gamification

“Gamification can help promote employee adoption of a new unified communication and collaboration platform, such as Teams, Zoom or Slack. Turning it into a competition with points, badges, prizes or incentives attached to calls, meetings, chats and so on can increase engagement, information retention and adoption rates,” John Case, Unify Square CEO, shared in a recent Expert Panel for Forbes Technology Council.

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UC Trends 2022 – Service Management Round Table

Unify Square Chief Marketing and Product Officer Scott Gode told UC Today that the company is seeing a shift away from cloud phone to conferencing tools, as the momentum for cell phone and mobile meeting technology gains value. “We’re also seeing companies using multiple platforms, with around half of the Fortune 1000 companies using 2 or more UC and collaboration platforms. Additionally, supporting an increasing collection of collaboration platforms in a remote workforce is leading to higher investment in security tools too.” 

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13 In-Demand Skills For Every Tech Professional

“With the rise of the hybrid workplace, employees who are skilled in collaboration platform management will soon become essential for successful enterprises. This includes creating, implementing and managing collaboration security and governance policies; deploying and optimizing unified communications systems; and many more components of the evolving ‘work from anywhere’ landscape.” 

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4 Big Ways to Put Zoom Apps to Work

“Unify Square’s PowerSuite is a collaboration and communication management platform that supports Microsoft Teams and Slack as well as Zoom. IT leaders can manage administration duties through a single dashboard, rather than separate administration consoles for each app. Includes adoption and usage analytics, troubleshooting guidance, policy management, and more.”

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Microsoft Loop Lets You Collaborate Better

“Microsoft Loop provides users with a cross-workstream dashboard and a phenomenally fluid collaboration platform,” Scott Gode, the chief product officer at Unify Square, which makes collaboration software, told Lifewire in an email interview. “This appears to be a great additional productivity boost for hybrid teams, especially those who have already bought into the Microsoft 365 model.”

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3 in 5 Enterprise Employees Miss In-Person Interaction

Unify Square released the findings of its Status Report: Workplace Collaboration 2021 survey, which sheds light on what employees want from their hybrid office experience. The study found that the majority of respondents mentioned using three or more collaboration apps, with Zoom (44%), Microsoft Teams (38%) and Cisco WebEx Teams (16%).

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Three out of five enterprise employees miss in-person interaction when working remotely

Most people working from home believe they are still a long way from their desk job environments when it comes to their working environment, according to a new survey. Almost half of employees (45.47%) reported in Unify Square’s latest survey that face-to-face human interactions appealed to them about returning to the office, and 14.56% wanted the ‘water-cooler-moment’ in-person collaboration experience.

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