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How to Ensure Your Collaboration Apps Are Secure

“Workstream collaboration is positioned as an open model, aligned with the communication patterns of the digital generation that is rapidly evolving. Users are empowered to create channels dynamically and share information across them. While this model may appeal to a digital workforce, it gives rise to concerns for information security teams in IT.”


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Unify Square Updates PowerSuite with New Services

“Unify Square, one of the leading providers of software for meetings, chat, and call experiences, recently announced the extension of its state-of-the-art PowerSuite solution. With PowerSuite, users can monitor, analyse, and secure everything from Microsoft Teams to Slack, Zoom, Workplace by Facebook, and Skype for Business in one environment. “


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M-Files Enhances G Suite, Unapproved Apps Still Plague Workplace and Other News

“Many enterprise managers suspect some of their workers are using unapproved collaboration apps, and research from Unify Square appears to confirm those suspicions. In fact, according to the Teamwork and Collaboration: Rise of Millennials and End User vs. IT Discord (registration required) report, millennials are twice as likely to use unapproved collaboration apps in the workplace.”

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Collaboration App Patterns Suggest Generational Frictions

“Unify Square partnered with Osterman Research to produce a document about the changing nature of meetings and collaboration in the age of the multi-generational workforce. According to the study, there are significant generational differences in the way that people use these tools to connect and collaborate.”


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4 Ways to Tame the Wild West of Workstream Collaboration

“From BYOD to remote work, cloud to instant messaging, and email to persistent chat, the way we work has become cluttered by many of the same digital channels inundating our personal lives. In its early stages, the category Gartner now refers to as “workstream collaboration” is an evolution bringing together the best of these technologies and trends into one collaborative and business-friendly environment — think Microsoft Teams and Slack.“

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Looking for a Few Good Adopters

“If you build it, they will come” may work for baseball fields, but not unified communications and collaboration systems. I’ve been writing about the need for businesses to deploy user adoption and training strategies for a while now, and I’m happy to see so many more vendors, consulting firms, and system integrators implementing programs to help customers on this path.”

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