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4 Big Ways to Put Zoom Apps to Work

“Unify Square’s PowerSuite is a collaboration and communication management platform that supports Microsoft Teams and Slack as well as Zoom. IT leaders can manage administration duties through a single dashboard, rather than separate administration consoles for each app. Includes adoption and usage analytics, troubleshooting guidance, policy management, and more.”

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Microsoft Loop Lets You Collaborate Better

“Microsoft Loop provides users with a cross-workstream dashboard and a phenomenally fluid collaboration platform,” Scott Gode, the chief product officer at Unify Square, which makes collaboration software, told Lifewire in an email interview. “This appears to be a great additional productivity boost for hybrid teams, especially those who have already bought into the Microsoft 365 model.”

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Three out of five enterprise employees miss in-person interaction when working remotely

Most people working from home believe they are still a long way from their desk job environments when it comes to their working environment, according to a new survey. Almost half of employees (45.47%) reported in Unify Square’s latest survey that face-to-face human interactions appealed to them about returning to the office, and 14.56% wanted the ‘water-cooler-moment’ in-person collaboration experience.

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RIP guest access, long live shared channels!

Brandon Long, a Collaboration Security & Governance Architect at Unify Square, explains the functionality of shared channels. This useful feature is now in Slack and coming soon in Microsoft Teams. Learn how shared channels add convenience, simplify governance issues, and eliminate the need for tenant switching in this article.


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How Can CXOs Secure their Business Collaboration Platforms

CXO Today expands on Unify Square CEO John Case’s recent contributed article to Forbes Tech Council, adding more ideas about overcoming collaboration security challenges without compromising end-user productivity. In this piece, he explains best practices like establishing meeting passwords, adding permissions to shared content, and controlling meeting invite forwarding.


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